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Title: The Pokemon Server: A History
Post by: synderfin on Jul 28, 2019, 04:06 am
So today is my 8 year anniversary on the server and I'm starting a new project. After my colossal retelling of my time as a builder last year, reaching over 7K words, I have run out of big stories for the time being. However, after reading my post, stuffjunk jokingly suggested I should write a history of the Pokemon Server, which is exactly what I'm going to do!

The Pokemon Server: A History

This is an ongoing project that I will continue to add to and develop, with the goal of producing an inclusive look at our entire shared experience on the Server. To begin I'm going to work my way through the signs displayed in the secret Great Library, listing the biggest events in Server history, and explain them. Some of these events are before my time or without my involvement and I'll need help from those that know the details. Admins; feel free to make edits/additions to my post.

I'm not sure how this project is going to evolve from here. I'll continue to work on it when I feel like it but I also want input from the community. If you have something you want to write about, an event or fond memory, feel free to do so in replies to this thread. Let's pull together everything we can remember!
I have an ongoing list of random server memories on a Pages document of mine. Within the week I'm going to copy that list onto here and expand on each point. Even if you just have a few dot points of server memories, feel free to share.

The Pokemon Server was founded on May 8th, 2011, by three users; ILickWindows, Paradox1223 and Gladosexe. These three were members of a Steam friends group called 'Just Plain Ol Gaming' or JPOG for short. The idea was to recreate the world of Pokemon in Minecraft, with a PvP system that would allow users to challenge player-run gyms and eventually become champion. To begin with they built the Kanto region from Red and Blue, however, at the time creative mode was yet to be introduced to Minecraft, meaning the region had to be built in survival mode. For this, they brought on many people to help with the project, such as later admin 1cec0ld, who had to plant and maintain a birch tree farm to supply the wood to build the Nugget Bridge as his first contribution.
With the first region complete, the server was ready to become one of the most popular and long running servers in Minecraft history.

The Big Events

First Champion
The first user to collect all 8 badges and become champion was Thort, who also managed to reach the level of admin. A monument was built at the summit of Mt. Silver to commemorate Thort, making him the 'Red' of the server. The warp to spectate elite/champ fights was also affectionately called '/warp stfuthort.'

The 1ce Age
Shortly after being appointed to admin (c. May 2011), 1cec0ld was given full access to the server's files as the blindly trusted, tech-savvy fresh face. When trying to add rules to the Essentials config.yml, however, they added the rule 'don't be rude,' which broke the entire file and disabled Essentials for a day. This provided for an iconic beginning to this new admin's career.
Still not as bad as ILickWindows accidentally deleting the server ...twice.

Iron Door Incident
Rigby was trying to WorldEdit in some iron doors at a house in Pewter City(?) but accidentally had one of his WE markers left on the other side of the map so when he //set the doors it covered the whole map in them. This crashed the server, meaning the doors had to be cleaned up by hand.
Surely such a simple mistake wouldn't happen again...

Lonely Furnace Meeting
Vitto3332 was bored and began a trend of leaving random furnaces all over the place between Viridian City and the Cycling Road (c. 2011).

Admin Castle
This was a giant castle build that was copied on by the staff team to be an admin-exclusive location. It was located far north of Pewter City and was out-of-bounds to regular users, by use of a WorldGuard region. All we could see from a distance were the stone towers and custom builds and pixel art surrounding the complex. In later years, when's its use began to fade, 1ce replaced it with a custom build.

Pewter Police
Player-former police department to protect new users. Led by yours truly. For the full story:

The Teams (Resistance, Exile, Gemstone, etc.)
These were player-formed factions that worked together on shared wild bases and feuded with each other.
The link above covers most of what I know about the teams. I'm sure there are those that could provide a much deeper look at their formation, history and operation, if they feel inclined.

Redwool Incident
Much like the Rigby's iron door incident, 1ce was trying to WE in some red wool in his alt Gilguy's house, on that account. He accidentally left a marker in Gil's VIP, however, causing a large chunk of the map to be turned to red wool, between the bank in Viridian City all the way to Goldenrod City. 1ce managed to stop the server quickly but WorldEdit had already processed certain blocks - mostly chests in the bank, resulting in a lot of manual reimbursing of items.
The period of server downtime caused by this incident happened on my 1 year anniversary, inspiring me to write my first server story (about my 1st day) while we waited. So in a way, this history project may never have happened if not for this event occurring on July 28th, 2012.

Zombie Mountain KOTH
Back in 2011/2012, then admin zombiedood built a giant mountain with surrounding hellscape environment. It was located in the middle of the sea out past Cinnabar Island, in a massive hole that reached bedrock. With the radiating lava to compliment, it was a terrifying sight. Zombie would often run King of the Hill events where the first player that could reach the summit of the mountain would win a prize. However, it was not an easy climb and often Zombie would fly around and ambush the competitors. If you died, you'd respawn in Pallet Town and do your best to rush back. It was a fun event while it lasted. Eventually the mountain was removed, for reasons I'm unaware.

Mob Arena
For a while the server had the Mob Arena plugin, which would allow players to attempt to survive in an enclosed space while constant waves of mobs would spawn. The staff retrofitted a number of iconic builds around the map into mob arenas, including the Pokemon Tower and the Ruins of Alph. The Pokemon tower required at least five players, making it into a fun group challenge inside the ominous interior. We would fight together until we'd be eventually be overwhelmed by the increasing difficulty of the waves, all the while receiving op item rewards. A fond memory of mine was when our group in the Pokemon Tower started to get overwhelmed, we all rushed to climb atop a monument, where we held in a circle, doing our parts to keep the oncoming mobs from reaching us. It was truly epic.

TeamSpeak Karaoke
Our old TeamSpeak server had a great many functions including hosting admin meetings and being a general place for people to chat (until it was taken over by the Germans). One ongoing channel was 1ce's karaoke where 1ce would occasionally sing along to songs for everyone to listen to, such as 'Call Me Maybe.' I fondly remember one time tuning in to 1ce finishing with "I'm glad you came, I'm glad you came (all over me)."
Paradox and Oddy also had a rendition of I'm a Barby Girl that was mesmerising. I believe it was recorded by I tragically don't have a copy to share.

For a short while, the server had a partnership with a member of Machinima. Through this birthed a short-lived, 2-episode YouTube series called 'PokeNews' which was a high-production, comedy series that covered the big news of the server, such as elite fights and other pvp events that I was too unskilled to be apart of. The hosts were Oddyguy and Zoomzen and they're guests for each episode were Rigby and DjDJ. Sadly the videos were (recently) privated so I cant share them. My most noteworthy memories were Dj progressively stripping as the interview continued and everything always devolving into a fight to the death at the end.
Eventually 1ce nuked the Machinima base and the PokeNews Studio with it after the partnership ended.

Zombie's End
When the End was first added to Minecraft, it was out-of-bounds to most players on the server. However, then admin zombiedood decided to turn the floating island into his own estate. He built a large mansion there but could only show it off to members of the staff team that could access it. I learnt this the hard way by winning a Christmas present raffle to get to visit it but not being able to with my permissions. I do remember hanging out with Zombie and then moderator Anniiee one time and Anniiee transcribing her experience from getting to visit. While there, Zombie locked her in his underground dungeon where he had also trapped a bunch of endermen to keep her company.

The Great Castelia Flood
The curse of the misplaced WE marker strikes again! Back in the days of our first Unova build (c. 2012), Tene was Worldediting in some light blue wool as part of our Castelia City build. However, they accidentally miss-clicked and left one of their WE selection coords back on Route 18, causing a massive flood of light blue wool to blanket Castelia and its surroundings. This caused the server to crash, meaning it all had to be cleaned up by hand. The catastrophe has become an iconic memory of the New Map project.

Trial Mods
Traditionally, the admins have collectively approved new moderators. However, in January 2013 they had the idea of letting each admin choose someone to be their personal 'trial mod' who they would be responsible to train and monitor until they had proven themselves competent enough to become a proper mod. This lack of collective oversight led to some problematic choices. Chief among them was Casseyx3 who Ali chose due to having a crush on her but ended up being kind of crazy and ragequit after getting demoted, due to Ali already having a mod. Mariofighter3 also caused a drama from using his mod powers to break a sign in someone's house that insulted him. Overall, this idea caused a number of dramas and somewhat of a revolving door of mods until it was discontinued. A few trial mods did make it through the process, however, such as Archiesalt.

Kirpi's Copy
Probably the most archetypal villain and adversary of the server, Kipri2011 was once a member who liked the idea of Pokemon in Minecraft but didn't like some of the decisions of the admin team. As such, he downloaded a program that allowed you to copy the maps off of different Minecraft servers. Kirpi used this to steal our map and with it started his own Pokemon Server.
However, he was no match for the apparent charisma(?) of 1ce who was able to persuade Kirpi's brother into giving him operator permission. 1ce then immediately banned Kirpi's brother, along with Kirpi himself, before inviting everyone from our server on and giving us all OP. We then proceeded to mass grief Kirpi's server. This was a fun event as we essentially got to see what it was like to destroy our own map that was always protected.
It amounted in a chaotic experience with lava and tnt going off everywhere, while the chat was filled with spam. At one point, Mario tried to ban every one of Kirpi's staff but accidentally banned 1ce in the process, who was using the nrs_joy account.
I personally remember trying to spawn in the newly introduced wither and it not working and then was covering the Pokemon Tower in lava when the server eventually crashed under the lag from the mass WE lava griefing.
Safe to say, after this point, Kirpi didn't try to steal our map again...

Cianwood Sugarcane Fields
Originally started by Gilguy (1ce's alt) then expanded by other users, this was a ginormous field covered in sugarcane, stretching row after row for hundreds of blocks. Hidden out past Cianwood City, this was a relatively secret location that only a handful of veteran players knew about. They provided a great opportunity for players to level up their mcmmo herbalism stat with multiple levels gained just from one run through of the boundless fields. Tene and Omastar's herbalism got so high that people accused them of hacking. There was a fire pit at the fields so people could discard their leftover sugarcane stacks from the leveling. However, one user (me) decided to keep all their sugarcane stacks and start an enterprise. SharkCo. sold the highest quality, low-cost sugarcane on the server!

1ce City
1ce decided to replace Admin Castle with a city, which he created as a test using a Minecraft plugin that generates towns and cities with basic building designs in a grid formation. He would go onto use this plugin on his idea for a religion-themed server.
The city was a cool build to explore with ice for the roads.
1ce ended up nuking 1ce City, leaving a giant crater.

Pixelmon Server
In 2014, with the revival of the Pixelmon mod, the staff decided that we would finally fulfill the 'WhErE aRe AlL tHe PoKeMaNs?' question we received from many new users not expecting PvP despite having no mods installed. Using Bukkit Forge, we were able to release our own pixelmon server, alongside our PvP one, letting people choose which version they preferred. For the map we used a draft version of our new Kanto build. The server operated similar to the PvP server, with hunger still implemented to many's dismay. To buy the Pokemart items, such as new pokeballs, you would trade mob drops from defeated wild Pokemon.
Something unique was that the gym system operated in order, meaning you had to defeat Pewter first, then Cerulean and so on rather than challenging in any order you liked. However, this slower process along with the fact that there was not much else to do beyond challenge the gym system resulted in many people abandoning the Pixelmon Server. While the mod served as a cool gimmick, it didn't offer much long term fun as simply an inferior counterpart to the games.
Regardless, it was interesting while it lasted. My most noteworthy memory was the time 1ce accidentally lit my newly caught vulpix on fire, killing it. As reconciliation, he spawned me in a shiny vulpix to catch, which I named Sasha.
Eventually the server was shut down with only the PvP Server persisting.

Forum Stories
There was a period of time where many users decided to write fiction stories on the old forums. Among the longest running stories was mine; Pokemon Gray, which was a comedy retelling of the Kanto games with the characters being from the Server, starring Gray; a moron, Yob; a nature-loving pacifist and Tene; a goth, intelligent badass. Tene had a story that was also a retelling of the Kanto journey but a more mature counterpart to the game, with death and forest fires. Other stories included a Kanto/Johto Hunger Games, Hobo's Kanto adventure and a story where the anime world was infiltrated and we all got to pick one weapon from a different series.

Completion of the New Map
The New Map was the great build project started in Feb 2012 that was not completed until April 2019, causing it to be an ongoing occurrence while many of the other events on this list were taking place. While the original map, built in May/June/July 2011, had only Kanto and then Johto later that year, this project sought to have a new line-up of every region and was eventually released with Kanto-Sinnoh, with later regions in WIP to be released at a later date. Many redos and epic tales took place over the adventure.
For the full story, primarily from my perspective:
The following major events are covered in this link:
-Archie/War Nether Incident
-Voxel Hoenn
-Super Smash Bros. Server

Beta Release
After the New Map was completed, we decided to have a beta release before the big official reveal, with advertising. For the beta, we pinged everyone on the Discord to come join and play on the server, so we could see if everything functioned properly. A surprisingly large number of veteran players returned and the server was active like in the olden day. For my retelling of the first week of the beta release:

Feather Fight for Champion
An epic battle for the first champion title on the New Map that took almost 2 hours due to the battle rules only allowing feathers as weapons.
For the full story (and videos):

1ce's Survival Servers
For the new updates over 2021, 1ce set up two survival servers that we all played on. The first was split up into a few townships, such as Tene and I's sprawling town of SweetBerry, named after the wall of berries surrounding the town. We had a massive fort, factories, a giant Skeleton statue, and a tallship in the harbour. 1ce also had a town with his irl friends, while Stuff and Dan made their own massive bases too. For the second server, we took advantage of the Caves and Cliffs update to build a massive network of underground bases.

PokeServer Midlife Crisis
KonohaDaze (PokeWillpower) returned to the server and brought with them a grand vision for the future of the server, in particular a new pixelmon server experience. The pixelmon server was revived and we worked on it for many months until tensions arose between different parties on the best path forward, a divide between vast changes and a preservation of existing structures. The perspectives of 1ce and Kono felt very Jefferson vs Hamilton. A split eventually happened with the pixelmon server going its own way. Cooperation was still desired however, eventually leading to Kono setting up a discord chat and inviting a number of staff and veteran members to discuss the future. Through discussion moderated by Prod, and behind the scenes diplomacy from Stuff and myself, a peace settlement was reached and we resumed cooperation as sister servers under the same community network. The discord chat was renamed to the title of this section, as a theme of the discussion was the future of the server and what form that would take, with lots of emotion all round.

Project Azoth
The Pixelmon Server lived on as a sister server to PvP under the guidance and development of KonohaDaze. The server saw tremendous success even in its development phase with many new players joining and helping out with testing and building. Soon lots of new build progress took place with updates to the old maps and new additions, with mass terraforming and even builds in the other main series regions and even spin-offs, like Ranger and Conquest. The server was set up with not only route accurate spawns and trainers, but full gym, league and story elements from the games, all programmed in expertly, with some interesting additions to make the game more exciting and challenging. To this day, the new server is still growing and developing new content. IP:

8th May, 2023
As the Server's 12th birthday came around, a difficult decision was made. In light of the discussions in the PokeServer Midlife Crisis thread, along with the ongoing quietness of PvP and the rising star of Azoth, it was decided it was time to shut down the PvP Server. Project Azoth would carry the torch of the Server's legacy, it's maps, experience, and future build projects. The community would also live on with the Discord, as the main centre of things in recent years. A select few were given access to download the old map, before it was made available to the public for a price to fund future game events in the community. It was sad to see it go but it had an amazing 12 year run and the community would live on through the discord and the Project Azoth server. Goodbye Pokemon Server, May 8th 2011 - May 8th 2023. Gone, but never forgotten. <3
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Quote from: synderfin on Jul 28, 2019, 04:06 amDjScoresy
Title: Re: The Pokemon Server: A History
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Don't we have a post character limit? Good grief. TL;DR pls
Title: Re: The Pokemon Server: A History
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Quote from: 1cec0ld on Aug 16, 2019, 11:53 amDon't we have a post character limit? Good grief. TL;DR pls
Don't worry, my next story, "1ce's appreciated contributions to the conversation: an obituary" will be leagues shorter!

But also ty ty for reminding me to add to the post. Still gotta convert my big list of server memories. :v
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Obituary? What died, my appreciated contributions or the conversation?
Title: Re: The Pokemon Server: A History
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As today is my 9 year anniversary, I'm continuing this project by posting my list of every random server memory I can recall. For a lot of the big memories I've already written full stories about which you can find above. This is just a list of every random event that happened in-between, in a rough timeline order. I shall update it regularly.

Random server memories:
-Chasing Rigby, as he flew around Kanto, as part of race event. Almost caught him in the safari zone gate.
-Rivalry with Liquidfired as pewter police most wanted. Aka, we died a lot to him and he was annoyed at our complaining.
-The requirement to become a gym leader starting as request, then 2 badges, then 3. Mcmmo power level requirement too.
-Talk with 1ce about my Pokemon personality banner results in 2011. He questioned me why I thought he cared about hearing my result so I guilt-tripped him. "Just that you listen." "Oh."
-For my birthday, Snowbro organised a party for me where he built a party room with arrow dispensors so we could kill and rob the guests. It obviously didn't work as intended.
-Mio's mansion house with giant Vaporeon model overhead.
-Great 1cec0ld rage of Goldenrod. He was raging about something and setting off lightning bolts of the city.
-Me creating custom skins for admins 1ce and Para (they didn't use :/). Were themed on elemental gods.
-Battling Zombiedood with his sword that kicked you, from the server, on impact.
-Houses used to have a pricing of typically 3k or 5k with some special exceptions, based on size. Later curves were introduced by 1ce.
-Donators having their own build world as a perk. A decent amount of lava griefing occurred.
-Multiple shrines built to Ali after he left the server. One was floating in the sky. Ali also had a farewell board in Pallet.
-People shooting others from wild safe zone before that was fixed. I remember people defending from a stone room.
-first time on TeamSpeak-1ce with creepy voice. Later with Tactic- I was so awkward that I was doing taps to see if he could hear me before he requested me to talk. Later with Ta and Hix discussing how their VIPs got turned to water, by Rigby, as punishment for flooding Pewter PD. Later phone and door rings during chat that I kept getting that were throwing everyone off.
-Vitto's secret rooms. Hidden chambers around the map.
-Liquid's YouTube channel. Being part of the filming for a new video.
-Tactic changing his nickname to 'Tn' to troll people into thinking Tn had been demoted. Later nickname command with restrictions on similarity and letter amount.
-Getting kicked, by 1ce, for asking for a starter (part of Ali's achievement list). 1ce: "What's next?" Me: "Get in bed with an admin."
-Mob arena plugin. Pokemon Tower group atop shrine. Ruins of alph.
-Pokemon6949 whining on TeamSpeak.
-1ce's karaoke. "I'm glad you came. I'm glad you came... all over me."
-Para and Oddy singing "I'm a barby girl" on TeamSpeak.
-Listening to admin meeting recordings. Admin tag debacle - debate about how players couldn't identify admins due to having random joke tags. Para: "Oddy is [Batman], can I be Robin??"
-Marriage plugin. Could have free TP to your 'spouse'. My proposal to Paradox was denied as his heart belonged to another. That big church.
-Drug plugin. Sugar cane gave speed.
-Failing to beat Tn at Saffron gym which had the glass, ice and dark mazes. Trying to beat GalSrKn to have enough badges to become new co and protect course from a rebuild.
-Tactic trying to purposely lose a gym leader tournament so I could get the position but forgetting and killing me.
-Tournament in underground arena. Snowbro vs Bj jump charges at each other in epic battle.
-Hanging out at the dock in Castelia City when my internet was out of credit so I couldn't move much.
-Ali changing the forum theme to have a Pokemon style.
-RPing as Simon from Yogs Tekkit in gold pants and flying around whacking people with a stick in early Kanto 3.
-Chatting on TeamSpeak with some people for the first time. -Prod about my accent- "exactly how I thought you'd sound."
-Ali's YouTube channel. "Guys, I'm a lizard."
-Trial mods. Cassie being crazy. Mario getting fired for breaking a sign in someone's house. LilWaffles and I chatting about him asking BJ if he can be his trial mod in PM and BJ pointing out he can read our chat.
-The pets of my VIP room. Chooki, MilkB*tch, Lt. Groves the wolf. The swarms of chickens. Chooki's funeral, chanting 'long live the cow'.
-VSing 1ce's gym. Long battle. Up vines. He said it was the most intense battle he's ever had.
-Tactic letting me be his co-leader at Fuchsia gym after Vithrus and Ichi both gave up their positions. Later my coleaders being Z4, Waffles, Muffins, Snowbro, Camm.
-XY tourneys in early meta. I ran the 4th tourney with special rules about not being able to use mons between battles if they faint.
-Hoenn tree project. Spruce Wayne, Barkfin, Treemac, Cammanduhtree, TreeJunk, Treenut.
-Rare forum thread - only appeared at super rare intervals. I saw it but couldn't post on it before it disappeared again.
-1ce's safari server where you could play as each type. 2011 map backup there.
-Ta letting me kill him publicly to restore my prestige in PvP after people said I was easy to beat.
-Tene showing me her cave ladders that didn't need a block behind them. Me then accidentally breaking one, causing the whole thing to fall apart, resulting in her kicking me. "OMG, I'm so sorry."
-Talk with Prod-him saying he has soundtrack of Hoenn (route?) music for when he builds. I said that can't be very long. He took it to mean that I was saying he doesn't build much rather than there being few songs. Taken as joke.
-Sponge server that 1ce, Tene and I found. Whole map was sponges and the owner was super religious, making everyone TP to church each MC day.
-Skrelp username debacle. I wanted the name for a new alt account, but I deliberated a few days and it was taken. I haven't got an alt since.
-Playing on Tene's server. Spawn on ocean island. Extreme world alteration. Group base. I had secret cave and sugar cane farm and was building Shark Towers on a hill, out of stone bricks that I had to make in group furnaces. Tene didn't notice until I pointed it out, they looked up and said lol. Trying to get all achievements in the new update.
-Tene reading my secret joke messages via failed commands.
-Someone (MasterAss?) doing pokemon giveaways as raffles. First was a shiny Garchomp then a Mega Salamence. I lost both.
-Running up and down the rocks on Route 21.
-Tournaments in sky arena. Team CyndaLava (me + Blaze (we lost :u)). Champion battle: Tactic vs Hobo.
-Vanished 1ce breaking blocks as I placed them in Lilycove dept.
-Y=30 limit for building interiors as we were going to have a communal underground below. As a result, Lilycove dept. interior was placed inside Mt. Pyre to be high enough. Idea was later scrapped.
-Camm and I's conversation with signs in Lilycove.
-Greek gods talk: I told 1ce I had a paper model of some Greek gods (Hermes + Polyphemus). 1ce then controlled my chat to then say, "and that's why I've never had a girlfriend," which made Tene spit out the water they were drinking. They then asked if I had a Zeus model which I said no but that I did have a rubber ducky of him.
-Terra-cotta cheese (we typod ricotta cheese like that because of all the time spent building with terracotta. Became a running joke after we realised.)
-Tene and I levitating up to 1 million y.
-Discord bot chat. Early days of the Discord where we spammed all the new bots for a few hours.
-1ce trying to give me a HelloFresh voucher but it not working due to regional differences.
-Listening to xmas music when building PWT (not near xmas).
-Exploring VoxelHoenn backup with Tene.
-Exploring Cobalt and Amethyst with Tene.
-Personality quizzes with Anon and Tene.
-Discord music on Halloween.
-"Hallo. BB." Spam that bot accounts posted on the server over 2018-19.
-Taglocke. A bunch of us (1ce, Tene, Anon, Jolteo and I) had an ongoing tag nuzlocke challenge of LGFR, which we failed thrice.
-All the times we've chatted over Discord voice chat. E.g. Kono, 1ce and I discussing new server changes when Kono had recently rejoined. I was building Snowbelle at the time.
-1ce's survival servers.
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So today yesterday was my 11 year anniversary on the Server. Unfortunately both the forum and the server were down... rip. Alas, it is back now and for this year I decided to add to my big list of server memories, as seen above for my 9 year post. I actually have a much bigger list on my personal doc that needs to be filtered through and written up properly, but I didn't anticipate how long that would take so it will be an ongoing process, regardless I have done some. The list is an asinine string of random memories that most people won't understand but alas I have a problem.
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Quote from: synderfin on Jul 29, 2022, 07:32 amSo today yesterday was my 11 year anniversary on the Server. Unfortunately both the forum and the server were down... rip. Alas, it is back now and for this year I decided to add to my big list of server memories, as seen above for my 9 year post. I actually have a much bigger list on my personal doc that needs to be filtered through and written up properly, but I didn't anticipate how long that would take so it will be an ongoing process, regardless I have done some. The list is an asinine string of random memories that most people won't understand but alas I have a problem.

Ha, I see that latest entry. I'm still not entirely sure what the overall outcome is either...
Also I will probably post my new chapter tomorrow. I need to reread the thing and make sure I don't have any continuity errors with the party... And then I look forward to your eventual? sequel to Gray :D
Title: Re: The Pokemon Server: A History
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Quote from: tenebrae on Aug 01, 2022, 07:49 amHa, I see that latest entry. I'm still not entirely sure what the overall outcome is either...
Also I will probably post my new chapter tomorrow. I need to reread the thing and make sure I don't have any continuity errors with the party... And then I look forward to your eventual? sequel to Gray :D
Yeee am excited. I had to keep a list of the teams to make sure I didn't have party errors.

And yeah woot, get excited for Gray 2, coming soon1

1. Maybe not soon...
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Quote from: synderfin on Aug 01, 2022, 03:40 pmYeee am excited. I had to keep a list of the teams to make sure I didn't have party errors.

And yeah woot, get excited for Gray 2, coming soon1

1. Maybe not soon...