Pokemon Gray - Chpt 34 - The Challenge Continues

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As Gray walked into the next room, he felt an eerie cold. Not like the frosty halls of Envs' arena or the cold, hard sternness of Jotr's dojo. It was a vacant cold, as if all life was absent from the room. He hadn't felt this way since exploring the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, with its' ghost-type Pokemon.
Yet in the darkness, ahead of him stood a person he recognised, draped in indigo and surrounded by radiant purple light.

"Welcome to your next challenge," he spoke.

"Hey, I know you. You're a member of the Resistance; Tnguyen," Gray identified, "Did you not see your leader just now dethroned and cast out?"

"I serve a new Champion now."

No further discussion occurred as Tn summoned his first Pokemon; Gengar. Gray led immediately with his Blastoise, who let off a super-effective Dark Pulse. However, Gengar dodged by descending into the floor below. Its shade hovered around at a rapid pace before resurfacing and hitting Blastoise with a Shadow Punch. Blastoise responded by launching it back with a Hydro Pump and then a Dark Pulse that landed while the Gengar was recovering. This was enough to knock it out, giving Gray early confidence. This was furthered when Blastoise was able to defeat Tn's Golbat, using Hydro Canon to knock it out of the air then finish it off with the newly acquired Ice Beam. However, Blastoise couldn't endure much longer and was knocked out by the opponent's Haunter, which used Hypnosis and Dream Eater to suck out Blastoise's energy. Dugtrio met the same fate. Gray decided to respond in kind, sending out his Butterfree, which used Sleep Powder before pelting Haunter to defeat with Silver Wind. Gray tried this again on the opposing Arbok, but the attack missed and Arbok was able to knock Butterfree out of the sky with Sludge Bomb before KOing it with a Bite.

Gray was scared. Not just from the spooky vibes all around him that made him want to squeal and perform an exorcism, but also Tn's prevailing confidence. The Arbok curled up and hissed with vicious intent.

Gray sent out his Hitmonchan to deal with the threat. The two traded blows and Hitmonchan was poisoned by the Arbok's Sludge Bomb. Gray knew Hitmonchan's fighting-type attacks were resisted but needed to use him now while he was not facing a ghost. Hitmonchan endured through the poison and delivered a Fire Punch to Arbok's face. It retracted in pain but countered with a harsh Iron Tail that knocked Hitmonchan out.

Gray's confidence waned further but Tene's motivational words echoed in his head, 'Omg, stop complaining for once! We're not even a kilometre in and you're asking for a day spa. How would we even pay for it? You blew all our money on a signature 'Hero of Kanto' embroidered fedora, remember? Arrggh!'

He was filled with confidence once more. He tipped his fedora before sending out his Rapidash to face the imposing threat. The flaming horse Pokemon hit the Arbok hard with a Fire Blast that was enough to knock it out. However, Tn sent out his final Pokemon; another Gengar. This one was more ferocious than the last and immediately hit Rapidash with a Shadow Ball. It then repeated the tactic of its' companion and delved into the floor below as a shadow. However, Gray was ready and ordered Rapidash to torch the floor with Flamethrower. Embers charred all throughout the room and Gengar was singed, resurfacing in pain, only to be hit with another Fire Blast. However, it recovered and landed a Hypnosis on Rapidash before using Nightmare. Rapidash shuddered in fear as it slept, all the while be pelted by Shadow Balls. Resistance was futile but Gray knew what he had to do. As another Shadow Ball flew towards his Pokemon, he returned it and sent out his Tauros in response. Tauros absorbed the Shadow Ball, completely immune, before launching forward with a super-effective Pursuit that was able to finish off the singed Gengar and win Gray the fight.

Tn congratulated Gray and wished him luck in bringing justice for Ta. As Yob and Tene began to move to the next set of viewing stands, Tymac spoke to them, "The final elite member is not to be messed with. He is not only a skilled scientist but a powerful dragon tamer who has worked to understand the subtleties of dragon energy."

"I'm a big eater of dragon fruit," Yob responded, "and I appreciate how it tastes like soil; reminds me that we are all a part of the Earth. Is that what you mean?"

"Uh, not quite. I'm trying to say that Mariofighter3 understands the intricacies of his Pokemon's power and will not be an easy challenge."

"Maybe this is why Ta gave Gray the Ice Beam TM?" Tene added.


The next room Gray walked into was much brighter and had royal blue coloured walls. Ahead stood Mario, who Gray recognised as another former Resistance member and ally of Ta. Mario had been integral at Cerulean in rescuing people in the zeppelin crash with his Dragonite. Gray had idolised these trainers and was now facing them.

"So, you've made it this far? I'm impressed. I suppose I shouldn't expect any less from a 'Hero of Kanto' like yourself," Mario declared before Gray gestured to Tene in the audience, mouthing 'See?' as Tene eye-rolled. "But I'm afraid I pose a new level of challenge that you won't be surpassing. Ha! Bow before the might of my dragons!"

With that, he sent out his Gyarados, which filled the stadium with its roar. Gray responded with Butterfree, who flew around the arena, dodging Gyrarados' Hyper Beams while trying to land a Sleep Powder. The effect was not enough for the goliath and only made it dizzy. Butterfree did its best to pelt it with Silver Wind but was eventually taken out with a Twister, that caught it up in its vortex and sent Butterfree flying back into Gray's arms. He thanked his companion, before sending out Tauros. The bull Pokemon rammed into Gyarados' belly, toppling it to the ground. Tauros then proceeded to KO it with a Headbutt to the face. However, Tauros was then defeated by Mario's next Pokemon; Dragonair. The sleek serpent gracefully obliterated Tauros with a series of Dragon Rages. Rapidash endured through the barrage but when they were able to take their opponent down, Mario sent out yet another Dragonair, which overwhelmed the horse Pokemon. Hitmonchan was also unable to handle the pure dragon power. Gray then summoned Dugtrio that was able to shake the building with its devastating Earthquake, finally overcoming the sly foe.

Mario simply responded with a smirk, before summoning an Aerodactyl. Dugtrio was unable to get a hit of the flying-type and fell to its wing attacks. Gray had a frustrated frown on his face, before commanding his partner Blastoise to knock Aerodactyl out of the sky with a Hydro Canon. However, it dodged and hit Blastoise with an Ancient Power while it was recovering from the fatigue. Blastoise finally recovered, though, and defeated the ancient Pokemon with a super-effective Hydro Pump.

Mario finally sent out his ace; Dragonite. Both Pokemon stood opposite each other. Dragonite used Hyper Beam, while Blastoise launched a Hydro Pump in response. The two attacks crossed each other before blasting the opponent. There was a large explosion of steam that filled the battlefield. Both recovered and the battle was on. Dragonite sent itself into an Outrage and hit Blastoise with the devastating attack. Blastoise used Hydro Pump to propel itself backwards, out of the range of the onslaught. Yet Dragonite continued its' advances. Blastoise had to dodge and finally made it to a safe distance. From there it used Ice Beam on the dragon. The attack was brutally super-effective and managed to freeze Dragonite in place. Before it could break free from its frosty prison, Blastoise launched a powerful Hydro Canon right at it, concluding the match.

Gray had done it. He had defeated the Elite Four and all that remained was the Champion. He was almost on his way to becoming a Pokemon master.
Mario patted him on the shoulder while congratulating him. However, his smile turned to a frown as he mentioned the challenge ahead.

"Good luck up going forward. You'll need it... I saw firsthand the power of the new Champion. But I've also seen you. Ta believed in you and now I do too."

Gray smiled before continuing on to his final trial. His dream was moments away, yet he knew it could we whisked away as swiftly and relentlessly as Ta was dethroned by this new Champion. Gray gulped before remembering his training. Tene had spoken of overcoming fear before an important battle but did anyone really understand the position he was in? He always imagined himself becoming the very best but to be here was different. He turned to his companions in the stands, where he saw a small nod of reassurance from Tene.
Confidence brewing in his heart, he progressed to the final challenge.

The next chapter will be the final one of the Kanto series. Get excited!
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I love how Dugtrio shakes the building and Dragonair just dies