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Started by ThePokemonServer, May 10, 2019, 07:18 pm

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May 10, 2019, 07:18 pm Last Edit: Jul 02, 2019, 09:40 am by tenebrae
How do I donate to keep the server up forever?
Click here!

What do I get for it?
A sense of pride and accomplishment!
It depends on the amount you've contributed over your entire time as a donor to the server. If you donate a little once, then a little some time later, we will remember both of them, and you get credit for both. We have multiple tiers, each with new perks, in addition to all of the perks below them. All prices are in USD.
PS: If you do donate, please write your Minecraft username in the note so we know who to give the rank to!

Pokefan: $10
  Change your prefix with /prefix each tier has new names to try!
  Access to color codes when using /mail
  Access the exclusive Discord Channel for donors only
  Ignore someone in chat by using /ignore
  Use /hat to wear unusual items on your head
  A sign will be placed in a museum of donors, commemorating you forever

CoolTrainer: $20
  You can /name items without needing an anvil now, as long as it has no colors
  Use our custom nickname command, /pokenick for free
  Ask a moderator or admin, and you'll get your own custom login message, and your own custom logout message, whatever you want it to say (subject to approval)
  A copy of your head goes in the donor museum, commemorating you forever
  Ability to /inspect any player, no matter how far away they are, or if they're offline

PokeManiac: $40
  Display your awesomeness by using /toggleeffect to start producing particles around you
  Change the lore of any item you want using /lore as long as it has no colors
  Use /seen to find out when someone was last online
  A picture of you will be in the donor museum, commemorating you forever

DragonTamer: $80
  Put some color into chat with any color code you want to use
  Give feeling to chat by using any font code you want too
  Get a Secret Base of 30x30x6 blocks for you and only you to build in and own, accessible wherever in the Pokemon World you want. You'll be able to find it later with /sb show and you can lock or unlock it by crouch-clicking its trigger block.
  An Armorstand with your face will be in the donor museum, commemorating you forever

GameFreak: $120
  You are no longer limited by /pokenick, you can now use /nickname to rename yourself whatever you want! (Once a week, let's not go crazy here)
  You cannot be kicked out of your home if you buy one due to inactivity, unless you are offline for over a year
  An NPC in your image will rest in the donor museum, commemorating you!

Bonus Round!
Every Donation will have the following rewards, affecting everyone on the server!

  Every $10 will make every house on the server 1% cheaper for at least 28 days (up to 50% max)
  Every $1 will increase the Wild World radius by 5 blocks.

Note, these perks and their tiers are not final, and we do have plans to add others, and we are willing to listen to suggestions as well. If you make a suggestion, please review the Mojang EULA to ensure they comply with their requirements. We don't want to get shut down over a greedy mistake.