Pokemon Gray - Chpt 27 - A Relaxing Rescue

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"Owww! Get it off me! Get if off meeee!" Gray yelped as he ran around in circles with a baby Qwilfish lodged in his arm.

"Whoa Gray, can you not appreciate the honour of being chosen by a Qwilfish to share its venom? Its' beautiful nature is on display and all you can do is complain," responded Yob, sitting with a baby Qwilfish on each arm, barely remaining awake. Gray stopped his complaining and fell face first on the ground unconscious.

"Are you two finished?" Tene approached the gate of the Pokemon Day Care.

Yob had bribed for permission to sit with all the new baby Pokemon of Floe Island and meditate amongst their life energy but Gray was ruining the experience.

"This little girl here says her Swinub was stolen by some criminals and taken into that cave over there. We need to assist her," Tene continued.

"Ah, a noble quest!" Yob responded, "I should be with you but the antidote to Qwilfish's poison is in my back pocket and I'm afraid both my arms have become completely paralysed. ...and I think my heart just stopped."

Yob collapsed onto his back unconscious. Tene sighed and retrieved the antidote before giving it to both her companions. They came around in a matter of minutes and agreed to accompany her and the little girl to the cave on the far side of the small island.

As the trio entered the cavern they were immediately hit with freezing cold. The interior was nothing like the rest of the tropical island chain but glazed in frost.

"There! Up ahead!" the girl yelled.

On a ledge in-front of the trio was the girl's Swinub and sat beside it were Team Rocket who gave their signature introduction.

"Aha! If it isn't the twerps," Sweaty announced, "Come here to free this Swinub? Well too bad, we're keeping this one to give to the boss."

"Our capture rate is a bit low so we're really reaching with whatever we can get..." Pythonier added, "Also, we may have sat down and accidentally gotten frozen to the floor."

"Don't tell them that!" Meowth interjected and tried to swipe at Pythonier but couldn't reach from their frozen spot, tearing off a patch of their fur in the process.

"If you're frozen in place then you're easy targets," Gray announced with a grin before sending out his Hitmonchan. Before Tene could tell him to stop, Gray commanded Hitmonchan to use fire punch on Team Rocket. While they were mildly singed, they were also free from their bonds and sent out their newly evolved Arbok and Weezing.

"We haven't caught up in a while have we?" Sweaty smirked before ordering her Arbok to poison sting Hitmonchan, while Pythonier's Weezing blanketed the room with a thick smog. Once it had cleared, they were nowhere to be seen, including the Swinub. The cave was dripping with water from the fire attack.

"Damn, global warming let them escape. It's a real crisis," Gray argued before getting slapped on the back of the head by Tene. Yob tried to comfort the crying girl with tales of the 'beautiful' Swinub mating ceremony. Tene theorised where they might have gone before the girl interjected, "They probably took Swinub to their base on Chrono Island. It's meant to be secret but everyone knows where it is because of the big 'R' out front."

The trio were underway. They left the girl on Floe Island for safety before boarding the boat to Chrono Island. Along the way they were too uneasy to enjoy the scenery, even the small island in the distance that had a perfect rainbow overhead. As they arrived on Chrono Island they began their search. Tene asked around the villagers while the others wandered off. Yob managed to stumble across a wise old man named Ishmalsmiel, who said he had a blessed soul and gave him a strange egg with weird markings on it. Ish felt a bit regretful when Yob promised to sit on it every day and transfer his 'life juice' until it hatched.

While looking for the secret base, Gray was convinced that a rock monument that a bunch of people were randomly crying over was actually a decoy for the secret base below and ordered his Tauros to ram it over. He later found out it was a monument for a dead Onix and made up for his mistake by stacking a few pebbles for the aggrieved relatives.

Once the two had given up their search, they stumbled upon Tene who looked annoyed.

"Where did you go? You walked past this giant building with a 'R' on it, just like the girl said."

"Tene, that was too obvious," Gray countered, "If I were Team Rocket I'd hide my secret base under a giant rock or something. It's not always the case I've learnt but still..."

Gray was cut off but the sound of Pythonier screeching from inside the warehouse. The trio entered to find Team Rocket on the far side of the room with the Swinub using frost breath on Pythonier's leg, damaging his 'snazzy' silk uniform. Yob was happy his vocabulary had caught on. The trio tried to advance but in-between their goal was a variety of pads with arrows on them, just like the base in Celadon. Tene tried to warn Gray again but he stepped on one and went flying in circles across the room in the wrong direction.

"I'm not falling for this again," Tene announced before sending out her Hypno and ordering it to teleport them across the pads with Yob. Team Rocket were disgruntled and sent out their partner Pokemon, alongside two new team members, a Lickitung and a Victreebel. The two sides battled on. Tene summoned her new Spinarak to briefly immobalise Team Rocket with its silk string. Hypno sent Arbok flying back with a super effective psychic but then got licked by Lickitung. With quick thinking, it wrapped its pendulum around Lickitung's tongue to redirect its next attack before administering a powerful psywave. Weezing attempted to use poison gas but Yob's Venasaur absorbed the toxic gas into its flower to purify, before whipping it with its vine whips. Pythonier couldn't respond because, rather than fight, his new Victreebel decided to grab onto its owner's head with affection, to Pythonier's dismay. Yob was jealous at the honour. The only thing more potent than Qwilfish venom was Victreebel acid, a rare delicacy amongst nature-indulgers. He wanted to send Supernoise a selfie of the event but he had to stay focused. As their opponents were regrouping, Tene told Yob to send a flurry of razor leaves into the sky, which his Venasaur did. Hypno then took control of the leaves, with its psychic powers, and flung them around the room with precise strikes that were enough to knock out all their opponent's Pokemon.

"You win this time twerp!" Sweaty spoke, "But you're not taking us prisoner."

She withdrew a button from her pocket and pressed it, causing an explosion in the roof to reveal their hot air balloon above. Before they could escape, however, Swinub hit them all with a powder snow that sent them flying up into their balloon, sending it spiralling off into the distance.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again." *ping*

As Tene thanked the Swinub, Gray finally made it to their position but super dizzy.

"While you guys were wasting time, I was doing super important research in the back-room archives. I totally got sent there on purpose."

Gray showed them a fax-note order that said; 'Collect the necessary data from Cinnabar Mansion for Operation New Life 2.'

"Hm. Seems Team Rocket has a plan for once, rather than just stealing Pokemon for profit," Tene remarked, "I think we should journey to Cinnabar Island soon then. It's also home to another gym."

The trio agreed and were off. However, they had yet to have their holiday and after returning Swinub to its owner, they decided to catch the ferry to the remaining Sevii Islands for a relaxing retreat. On Fortune Island, they encountered a number of rare new Pokemon and Yob caught a Yanma. They also got lost exploring an ancient ruin because they couldn't read all the brail inscriptions.
When they made it to Quest Island, Tene spent time in the Battle Tower while Yob wanted to visit an island chain to the south that was filled with mysterious Pokemon in the shape of letters. Gray got confused at all the symbols he didn't understand. After spending a few days training against the Fearow in Sevault Canyon, the trio had had enough of their holiday and were ready to get back in to their adventure. They boarded the speed-boat back to Kanto, instructing the captain to take them to Cinnabar Island. While they hadn't discovered everything Sevii had to offer, such as a mysterious triangular shaped island they saw off the bow of the ship, they would never forget the experience they had.

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