Pokemon Gray - Chpt 33 - A League of Hurt

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A few weeks had passed since Gray defeated the Viridian Gym and Team Rocket had seemingly been disbanded. With no gym leader to dispense badges, Yob and Tene has accepted the fact that they wouldn't be challenging the Pokemon League any time soon. Gray, on the other hand, was working harder than he'd ever done (not saying much...) to prepare for the final challenge of Kanto.

"Quick Butterfree! Use Sleep Powder!" Gray called.

"Yes," Tene responded as her Ariados fell unconscious, "Now, as we practised."

Gray ordered his Butterfree to swoop in and grab Araidos, lifting it into the air with all its strength. Butterfree struggled to carry the much heavier spider Pokemon. Ariados started to come-to, but it was too late; Butterfree let go and Ariados came crashing down into the ground, unconscious.

"Thank you Ariados," Tene spoke while returning her Pokemon, "You deserve a poffin for all your help."

Tene had been drilling Gray for the last few weeks, getting him ready for the hardest challenge in the region. Gray enjoyed the Pokemon battles but started to suspect all the 10km hikes Tene was sending him on were for some sort of sadistic pleasure. He was exhausted but needed to be fit to remain focused in the fight against the Elite Four; the toughest trainers in the region, after the Champion Ta. Gray pushed on none-the-less, taking bites of his ProteinPulse PokeX Energy Bar for sustenance.
Much of their training focused on getting Blastoise ready to face Ta's Charizard. Yob's Parasect let off spores that would float into the air and serve as targets for Blastoise's Hydro Canons. The Mega Evolution was Gray's best bet for standing a chance against the powerful Champion.
However, while the other's trained, Yob sat on the side lines nursing the mysterious egg he got in the Sevii Islands and feeding poffins to his Dunsparse, who was chirping with joy. All the battling over the last few months had been a bit too violent for Yob and he started to see a possible future in Pokemon breeding. Tene, on the other hand, definitely saw herself as a trainer, but while annoyed at the gym situation, was gaining a lot of appreciation out of being a teacher to Gray; at least in the brief moments of not wanting to choke him out of frustration anyway. Gray was finally starting to listen, though, and was taking in a lot of Tene's experience and advice. He knew he was the best, but it couldn't hurt to entertain his friends a little, right?

After plenty of whining from Gray, Tene finally okayed him for the challenge. Despite the odds, he had grown as a trainer under her tutelage across their journey and was finally ready to face the Pokemon League!


As the Trio approached the front door of the League gate, they were met by a person in an orange jacket labelled 'Indigo League staff'.

"Good morning!" he proclaimed, "You must be Gray. I hear you've registered to challenge the Pokemon League. I'm here to see you through the gates. My name is Tymac222. You've arrived at the perfect time; the Champion Ta should be finishing up one of our earlier challenges as we speak. We see a lot of impressive trainers come through these gates, but none get past our Champion. Oh but... best of luck!"

Tymac guided the Trio through a series of gates where Gray's badges were inspected for acquisition. As they walked, they saw monuments dedicated to the founders of the original Kanto Pokemon League and Tymac gave the rundown of the history.

"You know, I'm quite excited to meet you all properly. I was at Cerulean and saw first-hand what you did. If anyone stands a chance against Ta, it's one of you..."

He was cut off at the sound of wing flaps up ahead. Everyone looked up to see the silhouette of a Charizard flying weakly towards them, carrying a bruised trainer in its arms. It was Ta! As they approached and landed in front of the Trio, the harsh injuries became clear. With his partner safely on the ground, Charizard collapsed unconscious. Yob immediately ran over and started applying Oddish Ointment to their wounds.

"Ta! What happened?!" Tymac called, accompanied by the shock of the others.

"He was too much..." Ta struggled to speak, "His attacks were so overwhelming, I got caught in the cross-fire. My team was decimated..."

"Well that sucks..." Gray responded, "I've been training specifically to trash your team. I'm gonna have to actually put effort in now."

"Who was this trainer?" Tene asked.

"I don't know. I've never met him before ...he just showed up out of nowhere and ...and took my title as Champion. After disbanding the Resistance, it was all I had left..."

"No, Ta," Yob reassured, "You've inspired many trainers across Kanto to become stronger. You'll always have that."

Ta nodded with thanks before continuing, "Gray. If you're going to face him, may I recommend this."

Ta unzipped his trainer-pack and removed a Technical Machine labelled 'Ice Beam'. He advised Gray to teach it to his Blastoise.
Tymac called more League staff to come and help Ta to the PokeCentre and the Trio continued towards Victory Road. They managed to work their way through the dungeon with mild challenge, but they were all shocked at what they had just witnessed. Ta, the great champion of Kanto ...had been ruthlessly defeated and left to flee. Who was this mystery trainer? Gray peed a little.

Regardless, they eventually made it to the final gate and once beyond the threshold, there was no turning back. Gray healed his Pokemon and psyched himself up for the toughest challenge of his life. With a final, heavy breath, he crossed the line.
A gate closed behind him and he was met with quiet ...and cold. As he walked forward, he noticed the room he was in was laced with frost. Ahead of him was a trainer, standing cockily while juggling a Pokeball in his hand.

"Welcome to the Pokemon League! I am your first opponent; xEnvs! I'm afraid I'll also be your final opponent..."

"Oh. I though there were four of you. But I guess if you're the final one this shouldn't be too bad."

"What? No. I mean, I will be your final opponent because I am unmovable and unyielding, and you'll fail to get past me!"

"Is that how you ended up in the lowest Elite position? Because you're unmovable and the others just left you here?"

"Enough! It's time to kick some ice!"


Yob and Tene took their seats in the stands above as the match commenced. They began to film with their GoPros as Tymac returned to them, trying to subdue the concern on his face.

The battle was difficult. Envs used his ice types to freeze Gray's Pokemon into place. Rapidash, whom Gray had evolved from his Ponyta during training, was useful against their Jynx, torching them with Fire Blast, but they ran into trouble against the rest of Envs' team, which held dual-water type. Dewgong swept Rapidash away with Surf. Dugtrio tried to hide underground but Envs' Slowbro used Psychic to pull Dugtrio up to the surface and hit it with a super-effective Icebeam. Butterfree tried to put Clyster to sleep but was struck out of the sky with a harsh Ice Crash.
Gray's Hitmonchan had more luck and managed to clean up many of Envs' weaker Pokemon with their fighting type attacks but was OHKOd by a Sheer Cold from Envs' ace; Lapras. The bulky wall was going to be a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, Gray's Tauros was skilled at nut cracking. It launched forward with a Headbutt, slamming into the sturdy mon. However, it recovered and launched Tauros back with Ice Beam. As Tauros was getting back to its feet, Lapras sent a large wave their way with Surf. Tauros remembered its training and as the wave came, it leapt into the air, over the surge and came crashing down into Lapras with a powerful Headbutt, that was able to knock the Pokemon out.

Yob and Tene cheered from the stands. Despite the harsh freezing that had been done to his team, Gray was confident in his victory and the training he had been through. He thanked the crestfallen Envs for losing and healed up his Pokemon. Once he progressed into the next room, he was met by his new opponent.

"My name is Jotr123, the 2nd member of the Elite Four. You look to be a worthy adversary. Let's see what you have to show!"

Gray's Blastoise came in handy during the battle, as despite Jotr specialising in fighting-type Pokemon, he had two Onix on his team, which Blastoise was able to wash away with Hydro Pump.
A second time lucky, Butterfree was able to land a Sleep Powder on Jotr's Hitmonlee, before grabbing the Pokemon and lifting it into the air, as practised. Before Hitmonlee could react, Butterfree let go and it came crashing down into the arena floor, unconscious. Tene watched with a hint of pride in her pupil.
Next, Gray's Hitmonchan fought toe-to-toe with Jotr's own Hitmonchan. Both Pokemon traded punches and tried to ware each other down. The battle was long but Gray's managed to stand triumphant, panting over their defeated opponent.
Finally, Jotr sent out his ace, the many-muscled Machamp. This Pokemon was able to deliver hundreds of punches per minute. Dugtrio tried their signature whack-a-mole strategy of confusion but Machamp was too fast and annihilated the unsuspecting Pokemon. It was Gray's Rapidash that was able to win the day, as their burning mane scorched the hands of their opponent. They were able to apply a searing Flare Blitz that KOd the Machamp in a fiery display.

Jotr collapsed to his knees, "How could I have been defeated..."

"I'm guessing it's by being beaten by my Pokemon? It's okay, not all of us can be elite Pokemon trainers; some say only 1 in 8192. I mean, I guess you are literally an 'elite', but you know, in the fancy title way, not the fighty-fight way. Again, sorry, you do specialise in fighting types but what I mean is..."

"You're the worst."

Despite the failed attempt at life-advice, Gray walked over and patted Jotr on the back, before helping him to his feet and thanking him for the battle. Tymac was impressed by how far Gray had advanced in the challenge and congratulated him from the side-lines. Yob and Tene were ecstatic and chanted Gray's name, which was the ego-trip Gray needed to keep persevering through the tiredness and ruthless, unending battles. Half the Elite Four were defeated and, after healing his team once more, he persevered onto his next challenge.
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