Pokemon Gray - Chpt 35 - 1 in 8192 (Finale)

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There was silence as Gray slowly paced into the final chamber. This was the challenge he had been preparing for his whole life. As he made his way into the room, he covered his eyes from the bright lights that lit up the massive stadium. Ahead of him stood a single individual.

"So, you're the new competitor," the individual spoke, "Heh, I was hoping to rest on my victory a little longer before having to face a challenger to my throne. No matter, there's no breaks for champions I suppose."

"Who are you?" Gray questioned.

"My name is BjZrGooD. But all you need to know me as is the new Kanto Champion after my lacking predecessor has now been removed."

Gray grinned, "I'm afraid you'll be meeting the same fate soon enough!"

Bj frowned. As Yob and Tene took their seats in the viewing stands, Tymac called a start to the match. Both opponents sent out their first Pokemon.

Gray's Butterfree, the first Pokemon he caught and his first choice, faced off against a confident looking Pidgeot. Tene noted that the initial line-up did not look favourable for Gray, "The initial line-up does not look favourable for Gray."

Butterfree soared up high and tried to cover its opponent in Sleep Powder, however, Pidgeot matched Butterfree's movement and sped up to meet them, cutting past Butterfree with an Aerial Ace that caused the Butterfly Pokemon to yelp and fall out of the sky. It came crashing down onto the arena floor. However, as Pidgeot descended for another strike, Butterfree recovered and pelted Pidgeot with a desperate Silver Wind. This caused the bird to halt its advance, but it flew back up high and launched a Whirlwind that sent Butterfree flying into an uncontrolled frenzy. From this vulnerable position, Pidgeot was able to cut through once more and finish off Butterfree.

Gray was concerned at how quickly his first Pokemon was defeated by this new Champion. This man had ruthlessly defeated Ta, the only person Gray might have admitted to being better than himself. He reoriented his thoughts and sent out his next Pokemon; Rapidash. The flaming horse Pokemon sent a Fire Blast at Pidgeot but it dodged the attack and swooped in for an Aerial Ace. However, Rapidash was ready and cloaked itself in fiery embers. As Pidgeot connected, it was singed from the flames and crashed onto the ground. Rapidash turned around and launched another Fire Blast into the recovering Pokemon, causing it to faint in an explosion of fire.

Gray jumped for joy and congratulated him Pokemon. Bj had a look of irritation on his face as he sent out his next Pokemon; Alakazam. Rapidash sent a Flamethrower at it but Alakazam used its psychic powers to redirect the flames away. Gray was frustrated and ordered Rapidash to charge in with a Mega Horn. However, Alakazam was ready and caught Rapidash mid-way with a Psychic, halting its charge and causing it to float in the air above. Before Alakazam could follow-up, however, Rapidash sent a Flamethrower right at it, connecting with the Pokemon. It recovered and the two Pokemon sent attacks back-and-forth between each other before eventually Rapidash was overpowered. Regardless, Alakazam was exhausted. Yet in its strain, it became confused as Gray sent out his Hitmonchan.

"Uh, Tene," Yob spoke, "I don't claim to be a better battler than Gray but surely this isn't a wise decision."

"I have confidence."

Alakazam recovered and moved to launch another Psychic attack but before it could move it was hit with a flurry of punches and was out cold. Hitmonchan had used Bullet Punch and connected before Alakazam could even react.

"I knew my Rapidash had done a number on your Pokemon. It only needed a slither of health gone. Though perhaps a little embarrassing still for your Psychic type to fall to my Fighting type."

"You want to play that game?" Bj was irritated, "You think I can't do the same when you're at full health?"

Bj sent out his Rhydon in response. It had a type disadvantage to Hitmonchan but that didn't stop it from decimating its opponent with an Earthquake. Hitmonchan wasn't even able to land a hit before it was KOd by a repeated onslaught of Earthquakes from the infuriated Champion's Pokemon. Gray sent out his Dugtrio in response, who immediately sent an Earthquake back, toppling the powerful opponent. Gray knew not to keep Dugtrio underground too long in case of an Earthquake but his Pokemon needed to dodge the repeated Take Downs that were coming its way. Eventually, it was able to outsmart the Rhino Pokemon, appearing behind it and launching a Sand Attack into its eyes as it turned. Before it could respond, it was hit with a Sucker Punch to the face. As Rhydon toppled back in confusion, it was struck with a final Earthquake from Dugtrio and finished off.

Bj was furious at this point and sent out his Gyarados to respond. It made short work of Dugtrio with a Hydro Pump. Gray only had two Pokemon left but persevered, sending out Tauros in response. The bull Pokemon endured through a flurry of Dragon Rages before slamming into the giant serpent with a Horn Attack. As it toppled, Tauros picked up a part of its body, using all its strength, and threw it across the stadium. Gyarados recovered and sent another Dragon Rage into Tauros but it stood defiant and finished off the sea serpent with a final Stomp.
Gray's triumph didn't last long, however, as Tauros was immediately defeated by a Flamethrower from Bj's Arcanine. Gray looked to his belt and withdrew his final Pokemon; Blastoise. His partner had been with him from the beginning and was still with him at the end. With confidence in his heart, Gray sent out his final Pokemon. Blastoise stood proud and after shrugging off a Flamethrower, it launched a Hydro Pump into Arcanine, sending it back into the wall. It recovered and traded blows with Blastoise but was ultimately defeated.

"You have a powerful team, but it will soon mean nothing. I am champion of Kanto and I decree your challenge is done!" Bj called before sending out his final Pokemon; a Dragonite. It roared with furry, sending shivers down the backs of everyone in the stadium. This Dragonite was larger and more intimidating than Mario's and spent no time hesitating before launching a Hyper Beam right at Blastoise. It didn't have time to dodge and hid in its shell instead, taking the blast full on. As the dust cleared, it managed to recover to its feet.

"Let's show them our true power buddy!" Gray yelled, before holding the Mega Stone on his bracelet. A bright light filled the stadium as Gray's and Blastoise's souls connected once more. Gray's partner let out a triumphant roar as it transformed into Mega Blastoise.

Bj had a look of frustration. Blastoise immediately sent a Hydro Canon right into Dragonite, launching it back with the powerful attack. It recovered and slammed into Blastoise with an Outrage. At Bj's command, it continued to assault Blastoise with repeated Outrages, hammering the Pokemon. However, Blastoise persevered and sent Dragonite flying back with a Hydro Pump. Blastoise was exhausted at the repeated onslaught but it held on. Gray remembered the gift from Ta, finally understanding its purpose. He ordered Blastoise to use Ice Beam. The super-effective attack hurt Dragonite severely, relenting at the frigid cold. However, Bj was not done. He ordered Dragonite to use Dragon Dance, raising its attack and speed before commanding it to fly up high and send a powerful Hyper Beam down. Blastoise was already injured and in its larger form, struggled to dodge the attack. It was hit dead-on, causing it to collapse onto the ground; its eyes closed.

"Ha!" Bj called, "You thought you could take my title from me. ME! The Kanto Cham..."

He was cut off as, despite all the odds, Blastoise's eyes opened and it laboured back to its feet.

"Good job pal," Gray spoke to his partner, "Whether we win or lose, let's do it together."

Yob and Tene cheered from the stands as Blastoise launched a triumphant Hydro Canon at Dragonite. It dodged but the shockwave from the explosion launched it back down into the ground. It tried to recover but was hit with a Dark Pulse before another Ice Beam. The attack was too much to bear and Dragonite collapsed once more, finally defeated.

Gray was speechless. He had done it... No, he and his Pokemon had done it, he thought. Regardless, he realised, he was now the new Champion of the Kanto Region.

Bj struggled to contain his fury, but he managed, looking up and giving Gray a single congratulations, before returning his Pokemon and walking out the door behind his opponent. Gray was too shocked to respond but soon enough the full realisation came to him. He let out a cheer before jumping around the arena with triumph.

"Wooo! I'm the best aroouuunndd! And nothing ever gonna keepp me doowwnn!"

Yob and Tene were happy to indulge Gray this time and came down to congratulate him. They all did a group hug together as Tymac spoke, "Congratulations Champion. I'm sure Ta would be proud."

"That I am."

Everyone turned to see Ta limping in, with the support of League staff. By his side were Professor 1cec0ld and Gray's mother, Miosio.

"You think I'd miss the big occasion?" Mio spoke, "I mean I did try but was told my presence was probably expected ...and 'mother of the Champion' does sound nice. Regardless, I'm very proud of you."

"As am I," added 1ce, "You really are 1 in 8192; a Pokemon Master. Well done, son."

"Wait, 'son'?"

"Oh yes, I am your step-father now. That happened," he spoke as Mio clung onto his arm.

Gray was a little mortified but didn't let that get him down, as Tymac showed him the way to the Hall of Fame, where he healed his Pokemon and registered them into the system. His team were immortalised into the records. Gray could hold the title for years or minutes, they would be preserved. And that really would be put to the test as another individual calmly strode into the Champion arena, just as Gray was adoring in all the attention and introducing himself as the 'Champion of Kanto' to everyone's annoyance.

"Afternoon friends," Tactic called from the arena entrance, "I must say well done Gray for your achievement but I'm afraid I'm here to challenge you for Champion."

"Tactic?" Tene questioned, "How are you challenging the league? Viridian Gym was closed down after we left."

"A new leader has taken over. He goes by the name Stuffjunk, since well, that's his name, I guess."

"Tactic, Tactic, Tactic," Gray mused, "I'm afraid if you wish to face me and the awesomeness of my team, you will stand little chance."

"Well, we'll have to see about that won't we," Tactic smirked with confidence.

Tymac took his place at the side of the arena once more and initiated the battle. Tactic sent out his Pikachu to face Gray's Butterfree. It was unevolved but carried a Light Ball for added attack, which it put to use shocking Butterfree out of the sky, unconscious. Gray was able to take it down with his Dugtrio but it too was defeated, falling to Tactic's Lapras. Gray's confidence kept him going as his Hitmonchan defeated Lapras with a powerful Close Combat. However, it began to wane as Hitmonchan was then squashed under the weight of Tactic's Snorlax. The Pokemon was giant and it took repeated Horn Attacks from Gray's Tauros to take it down. Next Tactic sent out a Venasaur that launched a flurry of Razor Leaves into Tauros. As it was standing through the pelting onslaught, it was grabbed by Venasaur's Vine Whip and thrown across the stadium, crashing into the ground, unconscious. Gray responded with his Rapidash, which was able to take the Venasaur down with a Fire Blast, however, Tactic then sent out his very own Blastoise.

"Hey, no copycats!" Gray called.

The Blastoise quickly swept Rapidash away with a Hydro Pump. Gray was still filled with confidence and sent out his own Blastoise, before mega evolving it. The two turtle Pokemon fought each other until Gray's came out on top.

"Ha! You thought you could mimic me! I mean, I get the impulse but still, you gotta do your own thing Tactic. I'm afraid my mega evolution is gonna be a bit too much for your ace."

"Oh, we'll see about that."

Tactic sent out his partner Charizard, which had a unique band around its neck, with a stone in the middle.

"After the battle at Cerulean, I travelled back to Lavender Town with Zombie to help him recover. He gave me something special."

With that, the stone on Charizard shone in unison with the stone on Tactic's own bracelet. Charizard mega evolved itself into Mega Charizard X. Gray was shocked but let his frustration side as he ordered Blastoise to use Hydro Canon. The attack missed and Charizard smashed into Blastoise with a powerful Dragon Claw. Blastoise launched it back with Hydro Pump but Charizard continued its onslaught on Dragon Claws before sending a final Dragon Pulse that was enough to knock Blastoise out.

Gray fell to his knees. His reign as Champion was over ...already. He was about to cry before he was met with an out-stretched hand from above. Tactic helped him to his feet and thanked him for a good battle before continuing on with Tymac to the Hall of Fame.

"You did great Gray," Tene spoke.

"Yeah, fantabulous to the end," Yob added.

"Thanks guys."

There was silence. The Trio sat together in the middle of the stadium as the rest of the crowd joined Tactic in the Hall of Fame. Tene mused that she didn't feel the need to go back to Viridian and face the new leader. She had gotten more pleasure out of training Gray for this challenge and didn't want to hold onto the auspicious and over-glamoured title. Yob too declared he was done with battling for the time being and wanted to direct his efforts to raising Pokemon.

"I'm happy for you guys," Gray spoke, "Yob, I'm sure you'll do great. I know no one else more obsessed with breeding. And Tene, I'm happy you've realised your true cause as observing my success."

Tene gave him an irritated frown before he continued, "But... I'm not done. I dedicated my life to this dream and now it's over. But I don't want it to be. This journey with you guys has been the highlight of my life and I want it to continue."

Tene thought for a moment before responding, "Well, there's always the Johto Region. It lies just to our west. Maybe we could check it out."

"A splendiferous suggestion Tene!" Yob exclaimed.

"Yeah, that... that sounds nice," Gray mused.


After giving final congratulations to Tactic, the Trio made ready their new adventure. They travelled back to Pallet Town with the entourage and a crowd met them as they arrived in town, congratulating Tactic and Gray for their achievement as both Champions. Ta chose to stay and recover in Mio and 1ce's house, taking Gray's old room. 1ce met with the Trio and Tactic in his lab to examine the Pokedex's he had sent them out with.

"You only caught six Pokemon, Gray?"

"Tene only caught five! You can't tell me what to do, you're not my real dad!"

Tene and 1ce sighed.

The Trio packed their bags with all the essentials for their journey ahead; Oddish Oinment, GoPros and the new MangoMunch PokeX Energy Bar flavour. With that, they began their journey west into a new and exciting adventure. As they skipped onwards, at a distance overhead flew a Meowth Balloon on the same course.

"I'm excited to battle a new Pokemon League," Gray smirked, "But as the 'Former Champion of Kanto' I'm afraid it'll be a pushover for me."

"You were Champion for like five minutes," Tene remarked.

"Whoa, and how long were you Champion for, Tene?"

Yob added, "I think we should seek peace..."

The sun rose as our heroes embarked onwards, arguing all the way. What new and exciting adventures should await them; we'll have to see...

Thank you to everyone who read and supported my story over the years. It's been a long journey but we finally made it. A Johto arc coming soon!
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