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Welcome back to the Pokémon Server!

Started by ThePokemonServer, May 17, 2019, 06:21 pm

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May 17, 2019, 06:21 pm Last Edit: May 21, 2019, 10:09 pm by ThePokemonServer
Welcome Back!

For over 6 years, a team of dedicated and experienced builders, programmers, and creative minds has been working to completely revamp the entire Pokemon Server Experience.
We have rebuilt the entire world map, sometimes more than once.
We have used a better system to scale the regions, fitting them as the creators intended.
We have added, customized, and in some cases even written custom plugins.
We have used new MCFunctions and Command Blocks to add features we never thought possible.
We have put nearly everything back to a blank slate, with the intent of giving everyone a chance to have the best time possible.

Don't know who we are?
See our new MinecraftForum Post to find out everything!

What's New?
  • Four of the seven known Pokémon regions are built to completion.
  • When you start, it won't be in Pallet Town! You get to choose your starting region. That region is where you will return every time you use /spawn
  • There is a new tutorial room, one with a high entity count for better appearance, one with regular signs and text for better computer performance.
  • Everyone can /warp now. Well, almost. Inspired by Pokémon, we've added a new /fly command. If you are in the same region as a city, and have visited that city before, you will be able to /fly there. Watch your head though! If you aren't under the sky, you could bump into something! If you misspell a city, it will show you a list of places you have visited, and where you have yet to go. Click on them for easy access! Bonus feature if you visit every one on the server!
  • A new /wild command has been added. It will teleport you to a unique location in the Wild world where you can build, destroy and grief to your heart's desire. The location will never change, and it is tied to your account Unique User ID (UUID) so it won't change even if your name does! It will also never put you in lava or underwater.
  • If you want to meet friends in the Wild, you can both use /pvp and appear directly in the center of the Wild world. Beware, as the name indicates, PVP is allowed there.
  • If you and a friend are looking to just swap items quickly, you can use /lobby # where # is a number, 1 through 9.
  • If you're nearby, you can also /trade with each other to preview and agree on a trade before it happens.
  • Donors have all new benefits! Due to EULA requirements, we've had to completely review, add, and remove perks. See our Donor Perk List for more information!
  • Houses no longer require Moderators to purchase for you. There will be a sign on each one, and you can right-click it to buy, sell, or add a roommate slot on your own! See the AutoHouse Details for more information!
  • The SS Aqua, SS Anne, and other ferries have been replaced with the SS Paradox, a cross-region luxury cruise who will bring you from one region to another for the low cost of an SS Ticket! Right-click while holding an SS Ticket to see where the boat is on the map!
  • Voting for the server on our Voting Sites no longer gives cash, it grants you one Vote Token. Exchange Vote tokens with Villagers around the regions for various items!
  • Berries are now received by purchasing from Vote Villagers, or by planting and growing a Berry Plant! See our Berry Details page for more information!
  • There are more things to do, particularly in the form of new Quest Villagers! You'll see them in the regions, and right-clicking them will give you their Quest Book. Look inside to see what you need to do, and click the options as needed to begin or decline it. Don't worry if you lose the book though, simply return to the villager to get another copy. Finish the quest and get a special reward!
  • Mobs will still spawn in tall grass, but now other blocks might cause it too, and now with variety. One area might be more difficult than another, and the mobs you see even depend on what kind of block you're standing in!

What's gone?
  • Everyone's homes, balances, inventory, and mcmmo levels are erased. Blank slate!
  • House walls are no longer included with house purchases. Keep the region looking good!
  • Mobs are no longer "catchable" with snowballs. That feature was mostly to test IF it was possible, and since Spigot/Vanilla Minecraft won't let us easily make mobs fight each other, we can't build on this feature and make it worth keeping.
  • Dynmap won't show you where people are anymore, and also hides the Wild World completely. Privacy exists again!

How do I join?
Use play.pokemonserver.net of course!
Or, should also work!