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Pokemon Gray - Chpt 29 - The Resistance

Started by synderfin, Oct 12, 2020, 05:45 am

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Chapter 29

"Run!" Yob cried, accompanied by Gray's squeal, as the two ran from a pair of Ghastly chasing them down a dark corridor. Our heroes decided to explore the haunted Cinnabar Mansion while they were still on the island, but they had disturbed one too many ghost-type Pokemon and were on the run; except Tene. Unlike Gray, she understood the art of subtlety and was quietly exploring a study on the top floor of the building. While rummaging through a dusty pile of notes, she noticed records signed by Zombiedood.

"Why are there writings by Zombie here?" she murmured to herself.

The notes were faded and vague but seemed to talk about some sort of genetic experiment. What could it mean? The mythical Pokemon Mew was mentioned and something about a child.
Before Tene could read further, she heard the yelping of Gray in the distance and begrudgingly went to assist her helpless companions. The two were running around in circles as the Ghastly chuckled from above. Tene sent out her Gengar to frighten off the Ghastly, who did so with great success, using its tongue like a creepy, rotating parasol. Tene escorted her frozen companions out of the mansion and onto the banks of the island, where they recovered.

"Maybe you have a talent for frightening people and Pokemon Tene," Gray spoke, "Could be a good way to make up for your battling limits."

"My battling limits?" Tene questioned, annoyed.

"Yeah, don't get me wrong, your efficiency is pretty alright but, like, you gotta give the crowd something more than that. That's why I take longer to win; gotta put on a show so the people don't get bored."

"So, when you lose, is that just to entertain the crowd too? Your failure is amusing so it must be working."

Before Yob could interject and sooth everyone with his pacifying diplomacy, a trainer riding a Pidgeot did that for him.

"Hello! Are you Gray, Yob and Tene?" the person asked, accompanied by a flock of bird Pokemon, some mounted with other trainers.

"Who's asking?" Gray responded, "It's nice to have fans but I can't do autographs right now. Unless you have money..."

The mysterious trainer interjected, "My name is B_rad. I'm a member of The Resistance. I've been sent by Ta to get your help; he says you put up quite the fight in Saffron."

"What help could Ta need from us?" questioned Yob.

"It's sensitive information but... We believe Team Rocket may be about to perform another major offensive. We don't know the target yet though... But if you would be willing, come with me to our secret base and we can discuss it further."

Gray leaped at the idea of visiting The Resistance's secret base and agreed on behalf of the trio, who were all keen to help defeat Team Rocket once more. They had all grown attached to their Pokemon and the idea of a crime organisation that would steal Pokemon from their trainers repulsed them. That or Gray just wanted to blindly fight 'bad guys' for the cool points.
Our heroes mounted themselves on the backs of some of the bird Pokemon and accompanied the Resistance members back to their base. The flight was long and took them back north over Pallet Town, making Yob emotional to see where he'd begun. Gray would have been too, but he kept almost falling off his Fearow mount, throughout the whole journey. The group continued further north, then off west into the wilderness. They landed in what seemed like thick forest but B_rad escorted the group to a hidden trapdoor, which they all made their way down.
Below was a vast expanse of colourful rooms, filled with trainers and Pokemon. Beyond the main atrium, there were rooms dedicated to intel, areas designed for battle training and long corridors leading to endless rooms of who-knows-what. The base was truly epic, and the trio were flawed at how impressive this facility was. As B_rad escorted them through, they were greeted by multiple trainers, accompanied by their strong Pokemon partners.
As they continued, they were met by Ta, who's champion presence radiated esteem.

"If it isn't the heroes of Saffron City. I'm glad you could join us."

"B_rad said Team Rocket was planning an attack," Tene responded.

"Yes... but we still don't know where. We're gearing up regardless so we can pounce the moment intel knows where they are. In the meantime, feel free to explore the facilities. If we can trust you with the location of our base, you're free to explore as you like."

The trio thanked Ta, well Gray tried but was a little star-struck and mostly just drooled on their coloured carpet, before they went off to adventure around the base. Tene checked out the battle facilities and joined in to try her best against the Resistance's finest and put some of the cockier members in their place. It was refreshingly challenging, even compared to the gym leaders she had faced previously.
Gray met with a bunch of the veteran members of the Resistance and tried to act cool so they'd respect him (and maybe give him a job). Bginch4949 and jord7531 were their names and while they didn't offer him membership, upon seeing his shown-off team, they did lead him into their item storage to give him one of their curated technical machines; dark pulse, which he taught to his Blastoise. They figured Gray could use all the help he could get in the fights to come.

Yob decided to accompany Ta and B_rad to an odd facility at the end of one of the halls. The room opened up into a large, silver monastery.

"This is the Moon Temple," B_rad informed, "While Ta isn't much the fool for superstition, he does respect the council of the moon priest VIROS."

 Ta sat down in-front of Viros and asked him if he had any advice on their course of action. Viros sat cross-legged, eyes closed. He thought for a moment, then responded, "The Moooooooon, yes the Moooooooon speaks to me! Wise is the Mooooon! Speak to me fair Mooooon. What do you say with your moooonish wisdom??"

Viros began to wave his arms around manically in an odd display.

"He respects him?" Yob whispered to B_rad.

"Yeah, I don't know..."

"Moon, moon, moon." Viros chanted in the background.

Some miles away from the base, a Resistance scout sat in a treetop with their Pidgeotto by their side. The trainer fed his Pokemon some seeds, to their great joy. The bird Pokemon started chirping with delight.
"Ha-ha. You enjoy that don't you?" the trainer mused before giving Pidgeotto a scratch under its chin, "Say 'Thank you CKDavid'." The Pidgeotto cawed loudly with joy.
"Close enough. Ha-ah."

The two were interrupted when a large shadow began to loom over them. They both quickly looked up and were stunned at the sight before them.

"We have to report this back to base," CK spoke urgently, but before he could mount Pidgeotto, the two were struck with a harsh electric shock and passed out.

"You know, I've been second-guessing the purpose of our organisation. So much private funding. Should it not just go to the police? Are we really leaving a positive mark on the world? I don't know..." Ta mused to himself and the priest.

"MooooOOOooonn. Moon, moon." Viros chanted.

Yob still looked on confused and was about to leave and find his friends before the priest began pointing at him.


"Uh, I'm not the Moon..."

Viros shook his head then got up and retrieved a special item from the back of the monastery. He handed Yob a charcoal black stone.


"I don't understand."

"It's a Moon stone," Ta spoke, getting up from his seat, cheering up a bit from his contemplations, "It can be used to evolve certain Pokemon."

"Clefairy..." Yob murmured.

"Yeah, that'll do it," Viros responded nonchalantly.

Before Yob could comment on Viros' random use of actual words, Ta continued, "At least it seems you've gotten something useful out of this. I fear I'm still confused on what to do."

"Yes, well, we need to come up with something soon," B_rad interjected, "The team is getting restless. If only we knew Team Rocket's target."

Before anyone could add anything, a loud boom could be heard from above. Then another, then another, before a part of the roof caved in. The trainers ran over to the hole to look up, seeing far above them the Team Rocket Persian zeppelin, dropping electrode bombs on the base.

"MoooOOOooon!" Viros called.

"Damn! They've found us!" B_rad exclaimed, "They must have spies..."

Ta interjected with commands. He ordered all members to get to battle stations. The Resistance members scrambled to get ready but it was too late. The roof began to cave in all around them from the explosions. Resistance from below was futile.
With a heavy heart, Ta ordered everyone to take cover in the base's bunker. Everyone ran to take shelter, with helpful trainers leading the Trio to where they needed to go, deeper underground. There they hid out the barrage before it passed and they could return to above. However, all that was left of their base was a series of craters, with waterfalls flowing into them and the open sky. The trainers looked on with sadness at their once proud base, as the dreadful zeppelin flew back east.

"We... we were their next target... We need to go after them!" B_rad exclaimed with yells of agreement from the other trainers.

"My base is gone..." Ta murmured, "Everything I built. The Resistance... It's gone."

"It's not gone. We're still here. The trainers," B_rad replied, "And we need to fight back. Maybe our time is up but at least we can give it one last fight."

Ta paused for a moment then nodded. "All hands, prepare for pursuit!"

Trainers scrabbled for supplies and mounts, fury in their hearts. The Trio joined them in getting ready. Yob, preparing for the fight to come, used his new moon stone on his Clefairy, finally evolving it into Clefable.
It was all-or-nothing for the Resistance. Their base was gone but not their spirits. They would face Team Rocket for one last time and the Trio were ready to give all they had to help defeat them once and for all.
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