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Pokemon Gray - Chpt 30 - The Battle for Kanto Pt. 1

Started by synderfin, Apr 05, 2021, 09:34 pm

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It took a while for the Resistance to prepare its' pursuit, but they were underway with the Trio as soon as possible. The scouts identified the Persian zeppelin was on route to Cerulean City. A flock of flying type Pokemon caried the trainers towards their destination.

"Make landfall at the west entrance to the city," Ta ordered to the souring fleet.

As they made landfall, they were met by the Pewter Police officers who were setting up a barricade around the city limits and evacuating the inhabitants.

"It's good to see you," Synder exclaimed.

"Sorry we're late. We were hit by them before they got here. The base has been decimated," Ta responded.

"What's going on here?" Gray interjected, his companions in toe.

"They started bombing the city, so we had to evacuate everyone," Synder responded, "There are a few grunts we're having to fight with Gym Leader Ichikunji but most of the leadership seem to have gone into Cerulean Cave for some reason."

As he spoke, a cloaked figure ran over to the them. It was Zombiedood and he seemed to be in a panic.

"I came as soon as I heard they were in Cerulean. We need to talk."

"No 'howdy'?" Gray questioned.

"There's no time for endearing pleasantries. Team Rocket are about to unleash something they have no hope to control," he paused for a moment, regaining his breath, "Long ago, I was involved in genetic research at Cinnabar Mansion for SilphCo. My team were examining the DNA of an ancient Pokemon called Mew, with the hope of cloning its' power ...but we got further."

"Further?" questioned Tene.

"Yes. We were able to 'enhance' our creation to create something new. Something far more powerful ...and ferocious. 'Mewtwo' we coined it. Windows found out about our research and was keen to fund it properly but when I discovered what I created; I hid it away in Cerulean Cave. I tried to hide my treachery by helping him further in constructing his crime syndicate, but he must have discovered my secret, hidden deep away. You cannot let him release Mewtwo! It cannot be stopped or controlled and will roll over this region with its confused fury."

"I really hate exposition," Gray interjected.

The others all looked shocked at Zombie, unsure how to proceed. Ichi came to join the group, Tactic at his side.

"Hey guys," Tactic proclaimed, "I got here as soon as I heard the attack, but it turns out to have not been much trouble. The grunts we were battling have retreated to the airship. There were some in this Meowth balloon that were no trouble at all."

"It appears we may be in far deeper doo-doo than we thought," Yob responded.

Before anyone could give orders, an explosion was heard at the mouth of the cave. On a flying hoverboard, Windows came zooming out into the air, in glamorous style.

"Hear me and rejoice!" he exclaimed, using some sort of device to amplify his voice, "The Kanto region is about to be under new management. Super snazzy management. Get glitter bombed fools!"

Glitter erupted from the bottom of the zeppelin, showering the town in sparkles.

"Bam! 'How are you going to become the new and snazzalicious leader of Kanto dear mob boss Windows?', you may well ask. Well! After extensive surveying, I have uncovered the location of the most powerful Pokemon in the world and it shall be my minion in bringing about a brighter and more fashionable future for Kanto, and maybe the world... Tee-hee."

"Ya know, I'm not sure I mind this new world order," Yob commented with glares from everyone.

"See now as my admins Xander and Cassey bring forth this pure being!" Windows exclaimed before there was silence and anticipation. Nothing came from the cave and he quickly went to call his admins on his walky-talky, "What's going on? You're cramping my style. ...what do you mean you failed to apprehend it? You have the strongest firepower in the reg..."

Windows shuddered with fear and shock as he was cut off by a loud quake. All of a sudden, a Rhydon was blasted out of the cave entrance and flew right past Window's hovercraft.

"Oh no..." Zombie muttered.

As he spoke, a human-sized, pink figure flew out of the cave entrance at rapid speed and up into the sky above the city.

"No matter. I didn't hijack that bland SilphCo. building for nothing," Windows said as he pulled a Masterball from his pocket and threw it towards the enraged figure. The Pokemon stopped the ball in mid-air with its psychic powers, before crushing it into dust, to Window's dismay and terror. It then hovered by Windows for a moment before taking control of his craft with psychic energy and flinging it off into the distance. Windows was barely able to stabilise it before he crash-landed in the river. Mewtwo then turned its anger towards the zeppelin, launching a sphere of psychic energy into the balloon that was enough the bring the airship down, crashing into the cave side in a giant fireball. Everyone had a look of sheer terror on their face as they watched the destruction.

"Loo... Look for survivors," Synder muttered to his surrounding officers.

 Mewtwo flew up higher into the air and started letting off psychic blasts in all directions, causing massive explosions around the city. The Resistance and police ordered their lead Pokemon to attack. A flurry of elemental blasts shot towards Mewtwo but it used its psychic powers to block the attacks and sent them flying back, decimating the attackers. Synder called a retreat to further back behind the city lines. Everyone made haste to cover as Mewtwo continued its rampage around the city, except Ta. The Kanto Champion recognised his responsibility and climbed onto the back of his Charizard, souring up to meet their opponent. Ta ordered his ace to use Flamethrower. As the blast of fire shot towards Mewtwo, it simply put its hand up and blocked the attack with a shield of energy. It had to strain somewhat at the onslaught of the Champion's strongest Pokemon, but it was not enough to overwhelm the legendary, who sent a powerful Psybeam straight back. Ta's Charizard was able to dodge the attack and went for another Flamethrower, however, this time Mewtwo dodged as well and used Psychic to grab a hold of Charizard's wings mid-flight. The Pokemon groaned with confusion before being flung down to earth. Once it regained control, it quickly huddled around its trainer to protect it from impact. They smashed into the ground with a loud thud. Charizard was unconscious and Ta returned his brave partner before quickly making his way over to the new battle lines.

"Its' fury is endless..." Zombie murmured with regret, "It was born without compassion... or any love growing up. Just confusion, then darkness. We cannot negotiate with it ...or defeat it in battle."

"We must try," Tactic exclaimed.

"Yeah, as much as I kinda want to run and hide right now, we probably should do something about this," Gray added, "and when I say run, I was meaning a heroic run, in the other direction. It's just Johto is looking nice this time of year, you know..."

Tene interjected, "Zombie, if it's a Pokemon, then we can defeat it in battle."

"Even if it takes all of us, together," spoke Ta with trembling optimism, B_rad confident at his side.

"Yes. But it will take all of us," Synder added, "I'm putting out the call to all trainers in the region to come help. Kanto, our home, is in danger and it's the responsibility of all us of us to protect it."

"Okay, but if we're going to try this, we'll need a little advantage," Zombie spoke, "Believe me Gray, I don't choose you out of confidence in your ability, like really, but you're the only one to whom this applies right now."

"Uh, thanks?"

Zombie unbuttoned the travel case he had with him. Inside was a collection of notes and a mysterious stone.

"This is the Blastoisinite. I would hope you have a Blastoise by now and, well, this stone will allow it to mega evolve. After leaving Team Rocket, I turned my research to the study of this new form of evolution. This, and I cannot repeat how regrettable this is, is the only stone I have on my person right now. Actually, does anyone else happen to have Blastoise by chance?"

Before one of the Resistance trainers could raise their hand, Gray leapt forward and snatched the stone.

"Woot! I'm going to be the baddest baddass in all of Kanto!"

Synder interjected, "Okay, the signal is out. Let's see who will come to our aid. In the meantime, we need to contain Mewtwo's onslaught to the city interior."

"You have my trainers," Ta interjected.

"And you have my team," Tactic added.

"And mine," spoke Ichi.

"And you have us," Tene spoke with Yob by her side and Gray jumping around in the background, pretending to punch the air with enthusiasm.

Synder nodded, with agreement from all the trainers present. They healed up their Pokemon and got ready to fight. The battle for Kanto had just begun and it would take everyone united together if they had any hope of victory.
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Weird to think that mega-evolution didn't exist when you started writing this story.


Quote from: tenebrae on Apr 23, 2021, 11:22 pmWeird to think that mega-evolution didn't exist when you started writing this story.
Yeah, and it was the Pokemon Origins series (which was used to advertise megas) that inspired me to implement it in this form when it came out, with Dr. Fuji and Mewtwo parallels.
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