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Started by ThePokemonServer, May 02, 2019, 01:44 pm

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May 02, 2019, 01:44 pm Last Edit: May 11, 2019, 06:46 pm by ThePokemonServer
What is it?
Berries are items in the game which give you or your equipment special bonuses when worn, held, or eaten.

How do I get them?
Berries are typically purchased from Vote Villagers. You can find them at the same place you would find Berry-related people in games. Every villager has different options!

How do I get more?
Plant and grow them!
  • You'll need to find a Berry Patch. These are found in the same places the game has them, including spots where Apricorns used to grow!
  • Now you need a Soil Tiller, a special tool that looks like a hoe, that can make the Patch soft and able to plant a Berry. Till the soil by right-clicking with it.
  • Quickly, before the soil hardens again, right-click with a Berry to plant it!
  • Now your Berry is growing. You need to keep the soil wet so it doesn't dry out and die. Another special tool, the Sprayduck, will do that for you.
  • Right-click with the Sprayduck until it is empty, or the soil is completely drenched. The soil might dry out as the Berry grows, so keep watching when you can! If the soil ever dries out completely before it's ripe, the entire plant dies!
  • After waiting for the Berry to grow (time depends on the Berry, better ones take longer) you will be able to break the fully-grown plant, and take your harvest!

Where do I get a Soiltiller or a Sprayduck?
The Villagers who sell Berries should sell the tools needed to grow them as well. Make sure you're ready for the task before you plant the Berry!

How do I use a Berry?
Short answer: It depends on the Berry.
Long answer: While holding a Berry, use /berry info to find out how it works. Some are eaten, some are attached to items, and some do both. Eat the ones that are supposed to be eaten. If a Berry is attachable, you'll want to remember its name. Then, hold the item you want to attach it to. Use /berry attach {name} and that berry will vanish, attached to the item you're holding now! Be careful, since this will overwrite the first line of lore on any specialty/legendary items that already have lore. To remove the berry, just use /berry detach while holding the item.


I believe the berries have recently had an overhaul that makes them easier to grow, and find out what they do.