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Title: Server Resource Pack
Post by: tenebrae on Aug 07, 2019, 05:18 am
We have a server resource pack available now!

Download it here ( and place it in your resource packs folder, location in options>resource packs. The resource pack should not interfere with the standard look, so it can be kept installed so you don't have to keep installing it every time you log in. If it does affect the standard look, leave a reply in this thread.

Currently all it does is add textures for some of the special items on the server, such as SS Ticket, Voting Tokens, Berries, and a few others. I plan to keep (my) edits to a minimum and will not be adding textures for standard blocks/items/mobs, but if you wish to contribute, you can post a reply with contributions (or ideas) in this thread, or submit a pull request on GitHub here (

Remember: Everything in the map is built with the vanilla look in mind, so any block texture edits are not necessary. This resource pack is 100% optional.

Keep up to date with development in this thread.

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The original resource pack for the server (although very unfinished) was made by Rukariokun and can be found here (é (last updated 2014/08/06)
Feel free to use it as a guide for any suggested edits.