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Started by xandergcool, Jul 08, 2019, 08:26 am

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Hey all

Yesterday I was thinking back to all the nostalgic memories we all made on the previous server. What happened to suddenly cross my mind were all the chestshops in the Wild. So what did I do? I tried it. To my surprise this worked perfectly just like the old times.

Sadly enough I quickly received a mail stating this was not allowed.

I'm not writing this post to complain about the server, in fact, I am positively surprised about how the server, map and many other things have evolved into something amazing. A community where people can experience Pokémon in Minecraft like no-where else.

The only thing that is really disappointing me is the economy system. No more use of pokéshops except the SAME one in every village, with majorly overpriced items and un-usefull stuff. No more chestshopping in wilds, which used to support the community and add major value to the economy system. Currently there is just no supply and demand. I fully understand the server is still checking on how to approach some things, but just wanted to give my, and share other people's opinion on this matter.



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I'd say I'm in half agreement. I think it would be great to have ChestShops return to the Wild. I campaigned to have them included in houses at the very least. However, the major issue the admins are facing is trying to make it so these shops don't pollute the Wild with blank chests. They may have a solution with the ChestShop auto-breaking after they run out of stock though there is still the issue of people using them for safe storage for other items while the sold item can just be set at an unreasonably high price. I believe they are trying to solve these exploits right now and if they can be fixed then it is highly likely ChestShops will return to the Wild, around the /pvp spawn.

As for Pokemarts. The reason they were changed back to admin shops is because with the old system you had users own marts that they would end-up leaving to decay and run out of stock. This could maybe be solved with a rent-based system so owners would be encouraged to keep the store functioning??
Additionally was the issue of them not selling useful necessities for new users. Noobs often need stone weapons for a last minute gym fight, not blaze rods and nautilus shells. A balance between player stores in houses and the Wild, mixed with admin shops in the Pokemarts could be the best system. However, with the more easily accessible custom wilds, the need for these necessities may be lower now, to be fair. I also do agree about the lack of variety they sell and being overpriced. This is due to us not knowing how the new economy would function and how affordable such prices and items would be. With the results of the beta test I do agree the prices and options should be adjusted.
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Perhaps the very empty department stores could get some room for chest shops instead of the pvp zone, which would end up pretty cluttered with shops.


The hardest part about dealing with ChestShops is the ability to exploit them for free storage. Currently, as far as I've been able to research, there is no way to prevent someone from creating a Sell shop, or a Buy shop with some abstract item, and placing anything inside.

People have also complained about empty shops existing. Luckily, there is a configuration option for those to be broken the moment they go empty, so that would no longer be an issue.

Unless that first problem is solved however, I find it hard to convince myself that rampant Wild shops are a good idea. Allowing them inside houses which are already owned is the only way we've thought to nullify that exploit.


I've said this in the past, but one of the glaring flaws with the server is the economy. After buying a house, there is nothing really to spend money on. As 1ce said above, there are free storage exploits in chest shop which would be a problem in the wild.

1ce has been testing a new alternative which may be able replace chest shop but still unsure about the wild. Maybe sell vote tokens for money? But then there isn't much point in voting. It would be the same selling special items for money too. Maybe an entry fee for some automated events? This could work, but it would have to be something worth spending the money on.

Any other ideas are welcome