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Server Talk / Re: The Pokemon Server: A Hist...
Last post by synderfin - Jul 28, 2020, 06:28 am
As today is my 9 year anniversary, I'm continuing this project by posting my list of every random server memory I can recall. For a lot of the big memories I've already written full stories about which you can find above. This is just a list of every random event that happened in-between, in a rough timeline order. I shall update it regularly.

Random Server Memories:
-Chasing Rigby, as he flew around Kanto, as part of race event. Almost caught him in the safari zone gate.
-Rivalry with Liquidfired.
-Talk with 1ce about my Pokemon personality banner results in 2011. He questioned me why I thought he cared about hearing my result so I guilt-tripped him. "Just that you listen." "Oh."
-Battling Zombiedood with his sword that kicked you, from the server, on impact.
-People shooting others from wild safe zone before that was fixed. I remember people defending from a stone room.
-first time on TeamSpeak-1ce with creepy voice. Later with Tactic- I was so awkward that I was doing taps to see if he could hear me before he requested me to talk. Later with Ta and Hix discussing how their VIPs got turned to water, by Rigby, as punishment for flooding PD. Later phone and door rings during chat that I kept getting that were throwing everyone off.
-Vitto's secret rooms. Hidden chambers around the map.
-Liquid's YouTube channel. Being part of the filming for a new video.
-Getting kicked, by 1ce, for asking for a starter (part of Ali's achievement list). "What's next?" "Get in bed with an admin."
-Mob arena plugin. Pokemon Tower group atop shrine. Ruins of alph.
-Pokemon6949 whining on TeamSpeak.
-1ce's karaoke. "I'm glad you came. I'm glad you came... all over me."
-Para and Oddy singing "I'm a barby girl" on TeamSpeak.
-Listening to admin meeting recordings. Admin tag debacle - debate about how players couldn't identify admins due to having random joke tags. "Oddy is [Batman], can I be Robin??"
-Marriage plugin. Could have free TP to your 'spouse'. My proposal to Paradox was denied as his heart belonged to another. That big church.
-Drug plugin.
-Failing to beat Tn at Saffron gym which had the glass, ice and dark mazes. Trying to beat GalSrKn to have enough badges to become new co and protect course from a rebuild.
-Tactic trying to purposely lose a gym leader tournament so I could get the position but forgetting and killing me.
-Tournament in underground arena. Snowbro vs Bj jump charges at each other in epic battle.
-Hanging out at the dock in Castelia City when my internet was out of credit so I couldn't move much.
-Ali changing the forum theme to have a Pokemon style.
-Tournaments in sky arena. Team CyndaLava (me + Blaze (we lost :u)). Champion battle: Tactic vs Hobo.
-Chatting on TeamSpeak with people for the first time. -Prod about my accent- "exactly how I thought you'd sound."
-Ali's YouTube channel. "Guys, I'm a lizard."
-Trial mods. Cassie being crazy. Mario getting fired for breaking a sign in someone's house.
-VSing 1ce's gym. Long battle. Up vines. He said it was the most intense battle he's ever had.
-Tacitc letting me be his co-leader at Fuchsia gym after Vithrus and Ichi both gave up their positions. Later my coleaders being Z4, Waffles, Muffins, Snowbro, Camm.
-Hoenn tree project. Spruce Wayne, Barkfin, Treemac, Cammanduhtree, TreeJunk, Treenut.
-Rare forum thread - only appeared at super rare intervals. I saw it but couldn't post on it before it disappeared again.
-Ta letting me kill him publicly to restore my prestige in PvP after people said I was easy to beat.
-Tene showing me her cave ladders that didn't need a block behind them. Me then accidentally breaking one, causing the whole thing to fall apart, resulting in her kicking me. "OMG, I'm so sorry."
-Talk with Prod-him saying he has soundtrack of Hoenn (route?) music for when he builds. I said that can't be very long. He took it to mean that I was saying he doesn't build much rather than there being few songs. Taken as joke.
-Sponge server that 1ce, Tene and I found. Whole map was sponges and the owner was super religious, making everyone TP to church each MC day.
-Skrelp username debacle. I wanted the name for a new alt account, but I deliberated a few days and it was taken. I haven't got an alt since.
-Playing on Tene's server. Spawn on ocean island. Extreme world alteration. Group base. I had secret cave and sugar cane farm and was building Shark Towers on a hill, out of stone bricks that I had to make in group furnaces. Tene didn't notice until I pointed it out, she looked up and said lol. Trying to get all achievements in the new update.
-Running up and down the rocks on Route 21.
-Camm and I's conversation with signs in Lilycove.
-Greek gods talk: I told 1ce I had a paper model of some Greek gods (Hermes + Polyphemus). 1ce then controlled my chat to then say, "and that's why I've never had a girlfriend," which made Tene spit out the water they were drinking. They then asked if I had a Zeus model which I said no but that I did have a rubber ducky of him.
-Terra-cotta cheese (we typod ricotta cheese like that because of all the time spent building with terracotta. Became a running joke after we realised.)
-Tene and I levitating up to 1 million y.
-Discord bot chat. Early days of the Discord where we spammed all the new bots for a few hours.
-Exploring VoxelHoenn.
-Exploring Cobalt and Amethyst with Tene.
-Personality quizzes with Anon and Tene.
-Discord music on Halloween.
-"Hallo. BB." Spam that bot accounts posted on the server over 2018-19.
-Taglocke. A bunch of us (1ce, Tene, Anon, Jolteo and I) had an ongoing tag nuzlocke challenge of LGFR, which we failed thrice.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 5: Chan...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:09 pm
This should be done, and the gymleader tag should be gotten rid of. Keep the elite tags and also possibly add a kit to the rank. Each challenge of the E4 takes you going through all 8 badges of a region, and you can only hold 1 elite/champion spot per region, also, non canon idea, once you beat a champion of a region, you get a trophy of honor or something, then once you have that from all regions, you go down into ultra hall of fame or something. To replace the gymleader stats/commands we could put the rewards for continued play into ranks based on online time, ingame economy buy ups, vote token buy ups, etc. Plenty of servers are utilizing ranks and in game bonuses you can buy from vote coins. Make each vote give more coins, but raise the cost of vote rewards for the good stuff and offer smaller stuff like in game resources/cash etc with vote coins
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 6: Smal...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:05 pm
Also give different basic rank stuffs for online time, like basic trainer names. First log on = New Trainer, 24 hours of total play time = Trainer, 1 week of total play time = Trainer+, 1 month of total play time = C. Trainer. etc etc.

With the afk kicker they'll have to actually be invested unless you're like a certain somebody on the server and use an afk machine.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 4: Remo...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:00 pm
I say we do this, make the different caves have mobs for sure. Also put some respawning melons/pumpkins etc into the different forests. Keep the two maps completely seperate. A challenge to mining should be mobs. But as it is they spawn too heavily for mining in any of the caves to be successful. Also make certain ores only spawn in certain caves, with increasing difficulty and sparsity based on the mineral.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 4: Remo...
Last post by r1579 - Mar 19, 2020, 09:33 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:51 pmI think the nether could potentially stay on the main map, as it isn't directly tied to the acquisition of diamonds or other goods used in basic progression.

It can be. Diamonds and other materials can be found within nether fortress chests. 19% per chest which isn't a bad rate to get them. I would rather have the nether as a second, more risky choice if we were to include it as a zone for the safari.

Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:51 pmWild safari could be a lot of fun, in my opinion. Or at least gating entry behind some sort of in-game currency or time limit so players cant become too reliant on using it as their de facto form of progression.

Use the daily vote tokens for the safari zone. you can get up to 3 per day so we can choose do just dump all 3 to go until you drop/leave, or go like as an example -> (1 token = 5 minute run, 2 tokens = 8 minute run, 3 tokens = 10 minute run)

Quote from: tenebrae on Mar 18, 2020, 07:47 pmI think the activity in each should be different too for more variety. Scavenger hunts, waves of mobs, pvp, puzzles, I think this is something that could be a good game changer, if done well.

Could we just implement some of this into the actual battle frontier so it can have some use as well? You'd be able to win a currency like BP for doing well and use said BP to buy stuff like tm's? maybe berries?  The only thing is we'd have to charge a good bit of in game money per attempt unless we gate them vote tokens, but i don't want everything to be locked behind them either.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 3: Magi...
Last post by tenebrae - Mar 18, 2020, 07:51 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 02:08 pmLuckily magicspells has a lot of that baked in with options to use items, exp lvls, cooldowns, or "mana" for a casting cost.

I don't know if I agree with having moves be that hard to charge up and use. I think they should become a reliable part of every players toolkit for both PvP and PvE. I think setting cooldowns up so some moves are out of commission for 10+ minutes would be fine if we REALLY want to stop players from spamming it or using it too often.

I think a good idea for a lot of the spells would be having them act as sort of "cantrips" from D&D, where they are weak but reliable parts of a player's kit. I'm thinking like Bug Bite, where it would do 2 damage (1 heart) and heal 2 hunger, but had a 6-second cooldown, meaning you can use it often but not constantly. Or String Shot, which would inflict a target player with Slowness1 for 6 seconds on a 15-second cooldown, and have a cost of 5 string per use. I'd be more than willing to throw together another sheet of 4-6 moves of each type and how I would personally approach designing them if you guys would like.

I recently did one for my own server, converting D&D spells and classes using MagicSpells and although we haven't been able to put it into practice yet, it's looking pretty good at a surface level.

I never thought of item sacrifice to use spells. It just reminded me of Runecraft when we had it, where you would use items for a desired effect. If you wouldn't mind putting together a sheet with some moves, it would be much appreciated.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 4: Remo...
Last post by tenebrae - Mar 18, 2020, 07:47 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:51 pmI think the nether could potentially stay on the main map, as it isn't directly tied to the acquisition of diamonds or other goods used in basic progression. I would prefer it is put as a feature of the wild and is left unused for the main map, just for the sake of consistency, although I will admit that is purely a personal preference.

Wild safari could be a lot of fun, in my opinion. Or at least gating entry behind some sort of in-game currency or time limit so players cant become too reliant on using it as their de facto form of progression.

I would imagine resetting inventories would be a smart idea, although I know a lot of people may have an issue with that.

Except with 1.16, nether materials will be part of basic progression with the introduction of netherite.

Wild safari idea: there could be multiple tiers, like safari to gather plant type materials, battle frontier to gather rarer materials more geared for combat, and other dungeon areas to collect other blocks and items. This won't limit players to just one area to collect stuff, and will spread out what can be found in certain places. Would accessing these areas require a fee? More money spent = more time spent? More money spent = better chance to get rare items? I think the activity in each should be different too for more variety. Scavenger hunts, waves of mobs, pvp, puzzles, I think this is something that could be a good game changer, if done well.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 1: In-M...
Last post by tenebrae - Mar 18, 2020, 07:42 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:36 pmAs for the market/wild, I think that you hit the problem I have with it on the head. I seriously think having the wild be something that impacts the progression/acquisition of goods on the main map is a serious problem for the longevity of the server. Because at that point why not just play on an SMP server? So fixing the market and making it either a competitive alternative to the wild or self-sufficient enough to be able to make the wild optional is the right way to go, in my honest opinion.

I've always considered the server to be SMP at it's core. Then add in the extras like custom map, skill level plugin, economy plugin, and a different type of progression to vanilla gameplay (gyms and elite 4)

I have no idea how to fix the market to be fair, while also adjusting for money that is constantly being added (mob bounties)
I think wild removal may be the only way to curb that, but the biggest issue is balance.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 7: MCJu...
Last post by tenebrae - Mar 18, 2020, 07:22 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:30 pmIf it dissuades any fears of it really taking a toll on players with bad computers, I've been running it for a couple of months now and it is incredibly lightweight. Also optional.

I've never once had an issue with anyone not being able to use it or having a bad performance because of it, even with the most potato of my staff/playerbase.

Usually people have other windows open in browser, and often just having the browser open consumes some amount of resource. Being optional is fine though. Depends whether people will use it often enough.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 2: Bloc...
Last post by Zanzero - Mar 11, 2020, 03:00 pm
Quote from: tenebrae on Mar 10, 2020, 04:45 pmThis is really an extension on quests, though with a potential money reward. The hardest thing will be balancing rewards based on how many nodes there are.

Money/items/magicspells. Really anything. I think if they don't give a massive amount it's not a big deal to have a bunch of nodes across the map. I think somewhere between 1-3 in each dungeon or cave with a few easier to find ones along routes. Not on a 1 per route basis, but hidden throughout.
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