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Stories / Pokemon Gray - Chpt 31 - The B...
Last post by synderfin - Apr 07, 2021, 03:17 am
"Arcanine look out!"

A Psychic blast sent the sheriff's Arcanine flying back, almost hitting its trainer, and crashing into the side of a building, unconscious. The police, Resistance and trainers had done what they could to try to contain Mewtwo over the preceding hours, but their efforts were in vain as it continued to crush their attempts. The already weakened Resistance were no longer able to muster enough firepower to keep the legendary in check and the police lines were being broken. Officers Doom and Snowbro tried to return their fainted leads but were picked up with psychic energy and thrown down the street; Mewtwo did not discriminate between people and Pokemon. Leader Ichi tried to use his own Starmie's psychic power to resist Mewtwo but it was overwhelmed, and they met the same fate.

As explosions went off around the city, the Trio and Tactic fought side-by-side with their full teams out. Gray's Blastoise, Butterfree, Dugtrio, Tauros, Hitmonchan and Ponyta all sent elemental attacks into the air, attempting to hit Mewtwo as it flew around wreaking havoc. The same could be said for Yob's Venasaur, Parasect, Clefable, Blissey, Dunsparse and Yanma, who managed to evolve into Yanmega through the tribulations of the fight for their lives, alongside Tene's Kabuto which evolved into Kabutops, battling next to her Umbreon, Hypno, Gengar and Ariados.

"Tene, I may not have mentioned this before, but seeing as we really need all the help we can get..." Gray started, "I know you have another Pokeball on your belt. I remember seeing it since Viridian, and that time in the Power Plant ...you used it to save us."

"Not unless it gets bad enough," Tene responded before muttering to herself, "I can do this without help."

Their teams battled on through the frenzy but one by one they began to be knocked out by stray psychic blasts from Mewtwo. The Pokemon Centre began to be engulfed in flames, while houses collapsed around it.

"Uh, Zombie. Anytime now would be great. Maybe stop polishing your stones and gimme my op poke-steroid," Gray shouted back to the lines.

"I'm coming! The bracelet had to be fitted properly. You need this second stone to be able to connect with your partner," Zombie responded before approaching Gray and giving him both mega stones.

Gray put the bracelet on his wrist and went to give the Blastoisinite to his starter, but it suddenly got hit by a psychic blast, knocking it back into a wall, with rubble collapsing around it.

"Blastoise, No!" Gray screamed before running to his partner, "Oh, no no. Hang in there buddy."

Despite the rough hit, Blastoise was able to open his eyes. He saw the worry but determination in his trainer and managed to struggle to his feet, "Stoise!"

"Yes buddy, you're awesome! Let's kick some creepy, psychic cat butt!"

The mega stones shone in unison and Blastoise began to Mega Evolve, taking on a newer, more powerful form. With the giant canon protruding from its back, Blastoise let off a powerful Hydro Canon that shot far into the air. It just missed Mewtwo but exploded right next to it; the blast flinging it back through the air. Nothing else so far had come close to injuring the legendary but once Mewtwo recovered, it turned its gaze towards Blastoise, fury in its eyes. Everyone looked up in terror as Mewtwo began to advance towards them.

"Charizard use Fire Blast!" Ta called as he intercepted Mewtwo's decent. The attack caught Mewtwo off guard and singed the legendary, but it responded with Psychic, grabbing Charizard and flinging it off course across the city. Mewtwo began to advance again, sending an Aura Sphere at its target. Blastoise used Hydro Pump to counter the move. The two attacks met each other mid-air but the Aura Sphere managed to continue its advance through the water and hit Blastoise with a resisted shot. Regardless, it was enough to bring Blastoise to the ground, defenceless. The other Pokemon attempted to use their moves to hit Mewtwo but it dodged and used a Psychic to sweep them all away. Mewtwo then began to charge another Aura Sphere before launching it towards Blastoise. In a unique instance of selflessness, Gray jumped in front of Blastoise, his arms out to take the attack. For all his perceived greatness, he knew he owed it at least somewhat to his Pokemon companions. Yob and Tene ran to try and move Gray but ended up in the line of fire themselves. Just as the attack was about to hit, it was intercepted from the south and exploded before impact. The Trio turned to see an ancient looking, flying Pokemon make landfall next to Professor 1cec0ld. To his right stood Griffin and the other fossil scientists, along with fossil maniac Parmamen and his Omastar. To his left were Prof. Assistant Prodigy and Gray's mother Miosio, with her Mr. Mime.

"It is the second coming! The 1cec0ld!!" Yob yelped, while taking a lick from his unconscious Parasect.

"Nice shot Aerodactyl," 1ce called to his Pokemon, "Now let's save the region."

Alongside the group, many other trainers joined them at the south of the city. The call had gone out and Kanto had responded. Trainers from all corners of the region had arrived. Llamawin with her Jolteon, Gal and Mega with their Hitmons, ImStillDead with his Tangela, Coltranepop with his Charmeleon, Equinox with his Snorlax, Dj with his Hitmonlee, LED with his Klink and Ishmaliel with his Chansey, along with all the Nrs_joys and Teh_royal_slimes and anyone else forgotten in this super long story. A loud series of engines could be heard as a Biker Gang rode up beside the group. LuckyLucario rode behind his new leader; the lost 5-year-old daughter of ImStillDead, Erika. They rang their horns with triumph.
At the head of the army stood the rest of the Gym Leaders; Tcanton, Pricey, Supernoise, Jeffro and Victini, all with their aces out. By their sides, in the lead, approached former Champion Stng, with his Beedrill, and both Paradox and Glados, the once friends of Windows. All of a sudden, a Meowth balloon made landfall near the Trio.

"We may be crime goons but sometimes you gotta do right by everyone," Pythonier exclaimed.

Sweaty added, "Let's see; a brief interval to do some good? I concur, let's fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

Triumph filled the lines of trainers as their spirits were renewed. Zombie sent out his Dusknoir, while Ta and Synder recovered to fight again. The Trio and Tactic also recovered, and determination filled their hearts. Altogether, everyone, all commanded their Pokemon to fire their attacks at Mewtwo. The legendary attempted to block the collective onslaught with its psychic powers but it was overwhelmed and came crashing down to the surface from the attack.
Everything was quiet. Dust filled the air as Tactic glided forward on his Charizard to inspect the crater where Mewtwo had landed.

"I can't see anyth..."

He was cut off as a psychic blast shot him and his partner up into the air. Mewtwo blasted out of the crater, an aura of dark, psychic energy surrounded it. Filled with pure fury, it let loose on the city once more. The trainers tried to fight but their Pokemon started getting taken out with more powerful psychic attacks than before. Zombie had a look of distraught acceptance on his face, before summoning a Honchcrow and flying away from the battlefield. B_Rad looked on with shame, as he continued to fight alongside his Golem, willing to go to the end to protect his home.
Supernoise ordered his Vileplume to send a flurry of Razor Leaves into the air, which Jeffro's Alakazam took control of with Psychic and flung towards Mewtwo. At the same time, Tcanton's Onix launched a Rock Throw, which Pricey's Raichu shattered into smaller pieces with Thundershock and Victini's Arcanine set ablaze to launch a flurry of scorching pellets into the sky, but Mewtwo managed to dodge both deadly attacks.

"It's too fast. We need to go up there and engage it," Ta instructed to Tactic who had recovered back beside him and the Trio.

"I'll race you to it!"

Together, both Ta and Tactic soured up on their Charizard. They flew around the legendary, dodging its psychic attacks, while sending off Flamethrowers in unison. Gray supported them from the ground, commanding his Mega Blastoise to launch Hydro Canons into the air around Mewtwo. The blasts knocked the legendary off balance, allowing the others to catch it with a combined Flamethrower attack.  Mewtwo recovered and kept up the fight, all the while dodging attacks from the ground.

"It's not enough," Tene mused to herself, "Heh, I thought I could come here and start completely from scratch. Nothing from my former life to help me. I guess sometimes you do need a little help."

She turned to Gray, who was commanding his Blastoise alongside Yob and his Venasaur, "Gray! You wanted to know what my sixth Pokemon was. Well, when I left Unova I was excited to do it; to start anew. But just in-case things got too bad, in those moments like at the Power Plant ...and I really think this qualifies...  I brought one of my old teammates with me."

Tene stepped forward, ahead of her wide-eyed companions, and released the 6th pokeball from her belt. The ball glowed with white light and released the Pokemon within. As the light cleared, the large body towered over the Trio. It was unlike any Pokemon Gray or Yob had ever seen, with broad shoulders and the body structure of an automaton.

"Golurk!" Tene called, "I'm going to have to ask you to save us again."

The giant let off an uncanny, mechanical screech, as Tene climbed onto its back.

"That's cool and all Tene but I hope it can turn into a canon or something because they're getting smashed up there," Gray called out.


All of a sudden, Golurk placed its weight on its hands and retracted its legs. With a blast of red, fire erupted from its waists, where its legs once were, and the automaton shot into the air. Gray and Yob stood in shock.

"And I let her ride my Blastoise everywhere..."

Tene and Golurk flew up to Ta and Tactic, who were still battling Mewtwo.

"You're full of surprises," Tactic mused.

"I don't know what that is, but we can use all the help we can get," Ta added.


The three all flew around, engaging Mewtwo with attacks, while Blastoise continued its artillery fire from below. As Mewtwo blocked Flamethrowers with each of its hands, Golurk launched a super-effective shadow ball into Mewtwo's chest, propelling it back. Just as it reoriented itself, it was hit with a Dark Pulse from Blastoise below, almost knocking it out of the air. But Mewtwo recovered yet again, panting with exhaustion. After blocking another barrage from the trainers below, it used Psychic to grab Ta's Charizard and flung it into Tactic's. The two went flying off below. Golurk soured forward and launched a Shadow Punch into Mewtwo's face, catapulting it back. Yet before Tene could follow up, Mewtwo recovered and administered a Psybeam right back at the flying automaton, blasting it back and causing Tene to fall off. As she fell, she was caught by Team Rocket in their balloon, who returned her to her mount.
Tene watched on with distraught as Mewtwo, while exhausted, continued to deflect attacks from the ground, decimating the Pokemon of the once triumphant army. The dream of peace began to seem more and more just that, a distant and foolish dream.

"Howdy!" a call could be heard from below; Zombie had returned and beside him floated a small, pink Pokemon. Mewtwo immediately stopped its onslaught as the pink Pokemon flew up to it.

"What was that?" Yob questioned Zombie.

"When I saw we had no hope of overpowering it, I flew to the Faraway Island, where we first found its predecessor ...Mew, alive after all these millennia. I thought this a hopeless endeavour, especially after the cruel samples we had done to it before ...but, but it approached me as friendly as ever ...as if greeting an old friend. It agreed to come help, despite everything humanity had done to it."

Mew and Mewtwo flew side-by-side, diametric counterparts. Mewtwo looked on with contemplative curiosity, as if remembering itself for the first time. The aura surrounding it quelled and it reached out its arm. Mew looked on with friendly openness. However, as all seemed cordial, Mewtwo retracted its arm and anger started to fill its eyes again. Mew was shocked as Mewtwo's rage returned. It went to strike Mew but before it could do anything it was blasted out of the sky by a Hydro Canon, sending it crashing down into the earth.

"Boom! Didn't see that coming ya pink murder cat!" Gray yelled with triumph.

Trainers quickly ran to the crater, not wanting to have a repeat of last time. Tene arrived first and as Mewtwo began to recover she was about to order her Golurk to attack, however, Mew floated down from above and stayed the hand of Golurk. It let off a cute chuckle before using Hypnosis on Mewtwo. The already exhausted Pokemon struggled to stay awake before collapsing back down, in a deep slumber.


Peace had been achieved. All the tired trainers congratulated their brave partners while the Nrs_joys sought to healing them. Mewtwo was returned to Cerulean Cave, with the entrance sealed off to prevent such a disaster from ever happening again. Windows was seen fleeing to the South but was not caught, nor were much of the Team Rocket leadership who fled in the confusion. Sweaty, Pythonier and Meowth were allowed a head start by Synder for their help in the battle.
Slowly, everyone began to pitch in to help clean up the city and this time, the Trio stuck around to offer their assistance, all the while reuniting with everyone. Gray tried to chat with his mother, but she just kept making references to how great Prof. 1ce's experiments had been with not-so-subtle inuendoes, Yob compared his vegan poffin-cooking progress with Supernoise and Tene spoke privately with Stng, who was finally able to recognise her.
The rebuild of the city would be long but together they would do it. Soon they would be able to continue their journey, with Kanto saved to sustain the next generation of trainers to do the same.
Stories / Pokemon Gray - Chpt 30 - The B...
Last post by synderfin - Apr 05, 2021, 09:34 pm
It took a while for the Resistance to prepare its' pursuit, but they were underway with the Trio as soon as possible. The scouts identified the Persian zeppelin was on route to Cerulean City. A flock of flying type Pokemon caried the trainers towards their destination.

"Make landfall at the west entrance to the city," Ta ordered to the souring fleet.

As they made landfall, they were met by the Pewter Police officers who were setting up a barricade around the city limits and evacuating the inhabitants.

"It's good to see you," Synder exclaimed.

"Sorry we're late. We were hit by them before they got here. The base has been decimated," Ta responded.

"What's going on here?" Gray interjected, his companions in toe.

"They started bombing the city, so we had to evacuate everyone," Synder responded, "There are a few grunts we're having to fight with Gym Leader Ichikunji but most of the leadership seem to have gone into Cerulean Cave for some reason."

As he spoke, a cloaked figure ran over to the them. It was Zombiedood and he seemed to be in a panic.

"I came as soon as I heard they were in Cerulean. We need to talk."

"No 'howdy'?" Gray questioned.

"There's no time for endearing pleasantries. Team Rocket are about to unleash something they have no hope to control," he paused for a moment, regaining his breath, "Long ago, I was involved in genetic research at Cinnabar Mansion for SilphCo. My team were examining the DNA of an ancient Pokemon called Mew, with the hope of cloning its' power ...but we got further."

"Further?" questioned Tene.

"Yes. We were able to 'enhance' our creation to create something new. Something far more powerful ...and ferocious. 'Mewtwo' we coined it. Windows found out about our research and was keen to fund it properly but when I discovered what I created; I hid it away in Cerulean Cave. I tried to hide my treachery by helping him further in constructing his crime syndicate, but he must have discovered my secret, hidden deep away. You cannot let him release Mewtwo! It cannot be stopped or controlled and will roll over this region with its confused fury."

"I really hate exposition," Gray interjected.

The others all looked shocked at Zombie, unsure how to proceed. Ichi came to join the group, Tactic at his side.

"Hey guys," Tactic proclaimed, "I got here as soon as I heard the attack, but it turns out to have not been much trouble. The grunts we were battling have retreated to the airship. There were some in this Meowth balloon that were no trouble at all."

"It appears we may be in far deeper doo-doo than we thought," Yob responded.

Before anyone could give orders, an explosion was heard at the mouth of the cave. On a flying hoverboard, Windows came zooming out into the air, in glamorous style.

"Hear me and rejoice!" he exclaimed, using some sort of device to amplify his voice, "The Kanto region is about to be under new management. Super snazzy management. Get glitter bombed fools!"

Glitter erupted from the bottom of the zeppelin, showering the town in sparkles.

"Bam! 'How are you going to become the new and snazzalicious leader of Kanto dear mob boss Windows?', you may well ask. Well! After extensive surveying, I have uncovered the location of the most powerful Pokemon in the world and it shall be my minion in bringing about a brighter and more fashionable future for Kanto, and maybe the world... Tee-hee."

"Ya know, I'm not sure I mind this new world order," Yob commented with glares from everyone.

"See now as my admins Xander and Cassey bring forth this pure being!" Windows exclaimed before there was silence and anticipation. Nothing came from the cave and he quickly went to call his admins on his walky-talky, "What's going on? You're cramping my style. ...what do you mean you failed to apprehend it? You have the strongest firepower in the reg..."

Windows shuddered with fear and shock as he was cut off by a loud quake. All of a sudden, a Rhydon was blasted out of the cave entrance and flew right past Window's hovercraft.

"Oh no..." Zombie muttered.

As he spoke, a human-sized, pink figure flew out of the cave entrance at rapid speed and up into the sky above the city.

"No matter. I didn't hijack that bland SilphCo. building for nothing," Windows said as he pulled a Masterball from his pocket and threw it towards the enraged figure. The Pokemon stopped the ball in mid-air with its psychic powers, before crushing it into dust, to Window's dismay and terror. It then hovered by Windows for a moment before taking control of his craft with psychic energy and flinging it off into the distance. Windows was barely able to stabilise it before he crash-landed in the river. Mewtwo then turned its anger towards the zeppelin, launching a sphere of psychic energy into the balloon that was enough the bring the airship down, crashing into the cave side in a giant fireball. Everyone had a look of sheer terror on their face as they watched the destruction.

"Loo... Look for survivors," Synder muttered to his surrounding officers.

 Mewtwo flew up higher into the air and started letting off psychic blasts in all directions, causing massive explosions around the city. The Resistance and police ordered their lead Pokemon to attack. A flurry of elemental blasts shot towards Mewtwo but it used its psychic powers to block the attacks and sent them flying back, decimating the attackers. Synder called a retreat to further back behind the city lines. Everyone made haste to cover as Mewtwo continued its rampage around the city, except Ta. The Kanto Champion recognised his responsibility and climbed onto the back of his Charizard, souring up to meet their opponent. Ta ordered his ace to use Flamethrower. As the blast of fire shot towards Mewtwo, it simply put its hand up and blocked the attack with a shield of energy. It had to strain somewhat at the onslaught of the Champion's strongest Pokemon, but it was not enough to overwhelm the legendary, who sent a powerful Psybeam straight back. Ta's Charizard was able to dodge the attack and went for another Flamethrower, however, this time Mewtwo dodged as well and used Psychic to grab a hold of Charizard's wings mid-flight. The Pokemon groaned with confusion before being flung down to earth. Once it regained control, it quickly huddled around its trainer to protect it from impact. They smashed into the ground with a loud thud. Charizard was unconscious and Ta returned his brave partner before quickly making his way over to the new battle lines.

"Its' fury is endless..." Zombie murmured with regret, "It was born without compassion... or any love growing up. Just confusion, then darkness. We cannot negotiate with it ...or defeat it in battle."

"We must try," Tactic exclaimed.

"Yeah, as much as I kinda want to run and hide right now, we probably should do something about this," Gray added, "and when I say run, I was meaning a heroic run, in the other direction. It's just Johto is looking nice this time of year, you know..."

Tene interjected, "Zombie, if it's a Pokemon, then we can defeat it in battle."

"Even if it takes all of us, together," spoke Ta with trembling optimism, B_rad confident at his side.

"Yes. But it will take all of us," Synder added, "I'm putting out the call to all trainers in the region to come help. Kanto, our home, is in danger and it's the responsibility of all us of us to protect it."

"Okay, but if we're going to try this, we'll need a little advantage," Zombie spoke, "Believe me Gray, I don't choose you out of confidence in your ability, like really, but you're the only one to whom this applies right now."

"Uh, thanks?"

Zombie unbuttoned the travel case he had with him. Inside was a collection of notes and a mysterious stone.

"This is the Blastoisinite. I would hope you have a Blastoise by now and, well, this stone will allow it to mega evolve. After leaving Team Rocket, I turned my research to the study of this new form of evolution. This, and I cannot repeat how regrettable this is, is the only stone I have on my person right now. Actually, does anyone else happen to have Blastoise by chance?"

Before one of the Resistance trainers could raise their hand, Gray leapt forward and snatched the stone.

"Woot! I'm going to be the baddest baddass in all of Kanto!"

Synder interjected, "Okay, the signal is out. Let's see who will come to our aid. In the meantime, we need to contain Mewtwo's onslaught to the city interior."

"You have my trainers," Ta interjected.

"And you have my team," Tactic added.

"And mine," spoke Ichi.

"And you have us," Tene spoke with Yob by her side and Gray jumping around in the background, pretending to punch the air with enthusiasm.

Synder nodded, with agreement from all the trainers present. They healed up their Pokemon and got ready to fight. The battle for Kanto had just begun and it would take everyone united together if they had any hope of victory.
Stories / Re: Pokemon Gray - Chpt 29 - T...
Last post by tenebrae - Oct 12, 2020, 06:12 pm
Wow this is a big one, I will read it later, and catch up on the past few chapters too (and hopefully not forget)
Stories / Pokemon Gray - Chpt 29 - The R...
Last post by synderfin - Oct 12, 2020, 05:45 am
Chapter 29

"Run!" Yob cried, accompanied by Gray's squeal, as the two ran from a pair of Ghastly chasing them down a dark corridor. Our heroes decided to explore the haunted Cinnabar Mansion while they were still on the island, but they had disturbed one too many ghost-type Pokemon and were on the run; except Tene. Unlike Gray, she understood the art of subtlety and was quietly exploring a study on the top floor of the building. While rummaging through a dusty pile of notes, she noticed records signed by Zombiedood.

"Why are there writings by Zombie here?" she murmured to herself.

The notes were faded and vague but seemed to talk about some sort of genetic experiment. What could it mean? The mythical Pokemon Mew was mentioned and something about a child.
Before Tene could read further, she heard the yelping of Gray in the distance and begrudgingly went to assist her helpless companions. The two were running around in circles as the Ghastly chuckled from above. Tene sent out her Gengar to frighten off the Ghastly, who did so with great success, using its tongue like a creepy, rotating parasol. Tene escorted her frozen companions out of the mansion and onto the banks of the island, where they recovered.

"Maybe you have a talent for frightening people and Pokemon Tene," Gray spoke, "Could be a good way to make up for your battling limits."

"My battling limits?" Tene questioned, annoyed.

"Yeah, don't get me wrong, your efficiency is pretty alright but, like, you gotta give the crowd something more than that. That's why I take longer to win; gotta put on a show so the people don't get bored."

"So, when you lose, is that just to entertain the crowd too? Your failure is amusing so it must be working."

Before Yob could interject and sooth everyone with his pacifying diplomacy, a trainer riding a Pidgeot did that for him.

"Hello! Are you Gray, Yob and Tene?" the person asked, accompanied by a flock of bird Pokemon, some mounted with other trainers.

"Who's asking?" Gray responded, "It's nice to have fans but I can't do autographs right now. Unless you have money..."

The mysterious trainer interjected, "My name is B_rad. I'm a member of The Resistance. I've been sent by Ta to get your help; he says you put up quite the fight in Saffron."

"What help could Ta need from us?" questioned Yob.

"It's sensitive information but... We believe Team Rocket may be about to perform another major offensive. We don't know the target yet though... But if you would be willing, come with me to our secret base and we can discuss it further."

Gray leaped at the idea of visiting The Resistance's secret base and agreed on behalf of the trio, who were all keen to help defeat Team Rocket once more. They had all grown attached to their Pokemon and the idea of a crime organisation that would steal Pokemon from their trainers repulsed them. That or Gray just wanted to blindly fight 'bad guys' for the cool points.
Our heroes mounted themselves on the backs of some of the bird Pokemon and accompanied the Resistance members back to their base. The flight was long and took them back north over Pallet Town, making Yob emotional to see where he'd begun. Gray would have been too, but he kept almost falling off his Fearow mount, throughout the whole journey. The group continued further north, then off west into the wilderness. They landed in what seemed like thick forest but B_rad escorted the group to a hidden trapdoor, which they all made their way down.
Below was a vast expanse of colourful rooms, filled with trainers and Pokemon. Beyond the main atrium, there were rooms dedicated to intel, areas designed for battle training and long corridors leading to endless rooms of who-knows-what. The base was truly epic, and the trio were flawed at how impressive this facility was. As B_rad escorted them through, they were greeted by multiple trainers, accompanied by their strong Pokemon partners.
As they continued, they were met by Ta, who's champion presence radiated esteem.

"If it isn't the heroes of Saffron City. I'm glad you could join us."

"B_rad said Team Rocket was planning an attack," Tene responded.

"Yes... but we still don't know where. We're gearing up regardless so we can pounce the moment intel knows where they are. In the meantime, feel free to explore the facilities. If we can trust you with the location of our base, you're free to explore as you like."

The trio thanked Ta, well Gray tried but was a little star-struck and mostly just drooled on their coloured carpet, before they went off to adventure around the base. Tene checked out the battle facilities and joined in to try her best against the Resistance's finest and put some of the cockier members in their place. It was refreshingly challenging, even compared to the gym leaders she had faced previously.
Gray met with a bunch of the veteran members of the Resistance and tried to act cool so they'd respect him (and maybe give him a job). Bginch4949 and jord7531 were their names and while they didn't offer him membership, upon seeing his shown-off team, they did lead him into their item storage to give him one of their curated technical machines; dark pulse, which he taught to his Blastoise. They figured Gray could use all the help he could get in the fights to come.

Yob decided to accompany Ta and B_rad to an odd facility at the end of one of the halls. The room opened up into a large, silver monastery.

"This is the Moon Temple," B_rad informed, "While Ta isn't much the fool for superstition, he does respect the council of the moon priest VIROS."

 Ta sat down in-front of Viros and asked him if he had any advice on their course of action. Viros sat cross-legged, eyes closed. He thought for a moment, then responded, "The Moooooooon, yes the Moooooooon speaks to me! Wise is the Mooooon! Speak to me fair Mooooon. What do you say with your moooonish wisdom??"

Viros began to wave his arms around manically in an odd display.

"He respects him?" Yob whispered to B_rad.

"Yeah, I don't know..."

"Moon, moon, moon." Viros chanted in the background.

Some miles away from the base, a Resistance scout sat in a treetop with their Pidgeotto by their side. The trainer fed his Pokemon some seeds, to their great joy. The bird Pokemon started chirping with delight.
"Ha-ha. You enjoy that don't you?" the trainer mused before giving Pidgeotto a scratch under its chin, "Say 'Thank you CKDavid'." The Pidgeotto cawed loudly with joy.
"Close enough. Ha-ah."

The two were interrupted when a large shadow began to loom over them. They both quickly looked up and were stunned at the sight before them.

"We have to report this back to base," CK spoke urgently, but before he could mount Pidgeotto, the two were struck with a harsh electric shock and passed out.

"You know, I've been second-guessing the purpose of our organisation. So much private funding. Should it not just go to the police? Are we really leaving a positive mark on the world? I don't know..." Ta mused to himself and the priest.

"MooooOOOooonn. Moon, moon." Viros chanted.

Yob still looked on confused and was about to leave and find his friends before the priest began pointing at him.


"Uh, I'm not the Moon..."

Viros shook his head then got up and retrieved a special item from the back of the monastery. He handed Yob a charcoal black stone.


"I don't understand."

"It's a Moon stone," Ta spoke, getting up from his seat, cheering up a bit from his contemplations, "It can be used to evolve certain Pokemon."

"Clefairy..." Yob murmured.

"Yeah, that'll do it," Viros responded nonchalantly.

Before Yob could comment on Viros' random use of actual words, Ta continued, "At least it seems you've gotten something useful out of this. I fear I'm still confused on what to do."

"Yes, well, we need to come up with something soon," B_rad interjected, "The team is getting restless. If only we knew Team Rocket's target."

Before anyone could add anything, a loud boom could be heard from above. Then another, then another, before a part of the roof caved in. The trainers ran over to the hole to look up, seeing far above them the Team Rocket Persian zeppelin, dropping electrode bombs on the base.

"MoooOOOooon!" Viros called.

"Damn! They've found us!" B_rad exclaimed, "They must have spies..."

Ta interjected with commands. He ordered all members to get to battle stations. The Resistance members scrambled to get ready but it was too late. The roof began to cave in all around them from the explosions. Resistance from below was futile.
With a heavy heart, Ta ordered everyone to take cover in the base's bunker. Everyone ran to take shelter, with helpful trainers leading the Trio to where they needed to go, deeper underground. There they hid out the barrage before it passed and they could return to above. However, all that was left of their base was a series of craters, with waterfalls flowing into them and the open sky. The trainers looked on with sadness at their once proud base, as the dreadful zeppelin flew back east.

"We... we were their next target... We need to go after them!" B_rad exclaimed with yells of agreement from the other trainers.

"My base is gone..." Ta murmured, "Everything I built. The Resistance... It's gone."

"It's not gone. We're still here. The trainers," B_rad replied, "And we need to fight back. Maybe our time is up but at least we can give it one last fight."

Ta paused for a moment then nodded. "All hands, prepare for pursuit!"

Trainers scrabbled for supplies and mounts, fury in their hearts. The Trio joined them in getting ready. Yob, preparing for the fight to come, used his new moon stone on his Clefairy, finally evolving it into Clefable.
It was all-or-nothing for the Resistance. Their base was gone but not their spirits. They would face Team Rocket for one last time and the Trio were ready to give all they had to help defeat them once and for all.
Server Talk / Re: The Pokemon Server: A Hist...
Last post by synderfin - Jul 28, 2020, 06:28 am
As today is my 9 year anniversary, I'm continuing this project by posting my list of every random server memory I can recall. For a lot of the big memories I've already written full stories about which you can find above. This is just a list of every random event that happened in-between, in a rough timeline order. I shall update it regularly.

Random Server Memories:
-Chasing Rigby, as he flew around Kanto, as part of race event. Almost caught him in the safari zone gate.
-Rivalry with Liquidfired.
-Talk with 1ce about my Pokemon personality banner results in 2011. He questioned me why I thought he cared about hearing my result so I guilt-tripped him. "Just that you listen." "Oh."
-Battling Zombiedood with his sword that kicked you, from the server, on impact.
-People shooting others from wild safe zone before that was fixed. I remember people defending from a stone room.
-first time on TeamSpeak-1ce with creepy voice. Later with Tactic- I was so awkward that I was doing taps to see if he could hear me before he requested me to talk. Later with Ta and Hix discussing how their VIPs got turned to water, by Rigby, as punishment for flooding PD. Later phone and door rings during chat that I kept getting that were throwing everyone off.
-Vitto's secret rooms. Hidden chambers around the map.
-Liquid's YouTube channel. Being part of the filming for a new video.
-Getting kicked, by 1ce, for asking for a starter (part of Ali's achievement list). "What's next?" "Get in bed with an admin."
-Mob arena plugin. Pokemon Tower group atop shrine. Ruins of alph.
-Pokemon6949 whining on TeamSpeak.
-1ce's karaoke. "I'm glad you came. I'm glad you came... all over me."
-Para and Oddy singing "I'm a barby girl" on TeamSpeak.
-Listening to admin meeting recordings. Admin tag debacle - debate about how players couldn't identify admins due to having random joke tags. "Oddy is [Batman], can I be Robin??"
-Marriage plugin. Could have free TP to your 'spouse'. My proposal to Paradox was denied as his heart belonged to another. That big church.
-Drug plugin.
-Failing to beat Tn at Saffron gym which had the glass, ice and dark mazes. Trying to beat GalSrKn to have enough badges to become new co and protect course from a rebuild.
-Tactic trying to purposely lose a gym leader tournament so I could get the position but forgetting and killing me.
-Tournament in underground arena. Snowbro vs Bj jump charges at each other in epic battle.
-Hanging out at the dock in Castelia City when my internet was out of credit so I couldn't move much.
-Ali changing the forum theme to have a Pokemon style.
-Tournaments in sky arena. Team CyndaLava (me + Blaze (we lost :u)). Champion battle: Tactic vs Hobo.
-Chatting on TeamSpeak with people for the first time. -Prod about my accent- "exactly how I thought you'd sound."
-Ali's YouTube channel. "Guys, I'm a lizard."
-Trial mods. Cassie being crazy. Mario getting fired for breaking a sign in someone's house.
-VSing 1ce's gym. Long battle. Up vines. He said it was the most intense battle he's ever had.
-Tacitc letting me be his co-leader at Fuchsia gym after Vithrus and Ichi both gave up their positions. Later my coleaders being Z4, Waffles, Muffins, Snowbro, Camm.
-Hoenn tree project. Spruce Wayne, Barkfin, Treemac, Cammanduhtree, TreeJunk, Treenut.
-Rare forum thread - only appeared at super rare intervals. I saw it but couldn't post on it before it disappeared again.
-Ta letting me kill him publicly to restore my prestige in PvP after people said I was easy to beat.
-Tene showing me her cave ladders that didn't need a block behind them. Me then accidentally breaking one, causing the whole thing to fall apart, resulting in her kicking me. "OMG, I'm so sorry."
-Talk with Prod-him saying he has soundtrack of Hoenn (route?) music for when he builds. I said that can't be very long. He took it to mean that I was saying he doesn't build much rather than there being few songs. Taken as joke.
-Sponge server that 1ce, Tene and I found. Whole map was sponges and the owner was super religious, making everyone TP to church each MC day.
-Skrelp username debacle. I wanted the name for a new alt account, but I deliberated a few days and it was taken. I haven't got an alt since.
-Playing on Tene's server. Spawn on ocean island. Extreme world alteration. Group base. I had secret cave and sugar cane farm and was building Shark Towers on a hill, out of stone bricks that I had to make in group furnaces. Tene didn't notice until I pointed it out, she looked up and said lol. Trying to get all achievements in the new update.
-Running up and down the rocks on Route 21.
-Camm and I's conversation with signs in Lilycove.
-Greek gods talk: I told 1ce I had a paper model of some Greek gods (Hermes + Polyphemus). 1ce then controlled my chat to then say, "and that's why I've never had a girlfriend," which made Tene spit out the water they were drinking. They then asked if I had a Zeus model which I said no but that I did have a rubber ducky of him.
-Terra-cotta cheese (we typod ricotta cheese like that because of all the time spent building with terracotta. Became a running joke after we realised.)
-Tene and I levitating up to 1 million y.
-Discord bot chat. Early days of the Discord where we spammed all the new bots for a few hours.
-Exploring VoxelHoenn.
-Exploring Cobalt and Amethyst with Tene.
-Personality quizzes with Anon and Tene.
-Discord music on Halloween.
-"Hallo. BB." Spam that bot accounts posted on the server over 2018-19.
-Taglocke. A bunch of us (1ce, Tene, Anon, Jolteo and I) had an ongoing tag nuzlocke challenge of LGFR, which we failed thrice.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 5: Chan...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:09 pm
This should be done, and the gymleader tag should be gotten rid of. Keep the elite tags and also possibly add a kit to the rank. Each challenge of the E4 takes you going through all 8 badges of a region, and you can only hold 1 elite/champion spot per region, also, non canon idea, once you beat a champion of a region, you get a trophy of honor or something, then once you have that from all regions, you go down into ultra hall of fame or something. To replace the gymleader stats/commands we could put the rewards for continued play into ranks based on online time, ingame economy buy ups, vote token buy ups, etc. Plenty of servers are utilizing ranks and in game bonuses you can buy from vote coins. Make each vote give more coins, but raise the cost of vote rewards for the good stuff and offer smaller stuff like in game resources/cash etc with vote coins
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 6: Smal...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:05 pm
Also give different basic rank stuffs for online time, like basic trainer names. First log on = New Trainer, 24 hours of total play time = Trainer, 1 week of total play time = Trainer+, 1 month of total play time = C. Trainer. etc etc.

With the afk kicker they'll have to actually be invested unless you're like a certain somebody on the server and use an afk machine.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 4: Remo...
Last post by DjScorsy - Mar 20, 2020, 06:00 pm
I say we do this, make the different caves have mobs for sure. Also put some respawning melons/pumpkins etc into the different forests. Keep the two maps completely seperate. A challenge to mining should be mobs. But as it is they spawn too heavily for mining in any of the caves to be successful. Also make certain ores only spawn in certain caves, with increasing difficulty and sparsity based on the mineral.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 4: Remo...
Last post by r1579 - Mar 19, 2020, 09:33 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:51 pmI think the nether could potentially stay on the main map, as it isn't directly tied to the acquisition of diamonds or other goods used in basic progression.

It can be. Diamonds and other materials can be found within nether fortress chests. 19% per chest which isn't a bad rate to get them. I would rather have the nether as a second, more risky choice if we were to include it as a zone for the safari.

Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 01:51 pmWild safari could be a lot of fun, in my opinion. Or at least gating entry behind some sort of in-game currency or time limit so players cant become too reliant on using it as their de facto form of progression.

Use the daily vote tokens for the safari zone. you can get up to 3 per day so we can choose do just dump all 3 to go until you drop/leave, or go like as an example -> (1 token = 5 minute run, 2 tokens = 8 minute run, 3 tokens = 10 minute run)

Quote from: tenebrae on Mar 18, 2020, 07:47 pmI think the activity in each should be different too for more variety. Scavenger hunts, waves of mobs, pvp, puzzles, I think this is something that could be a good game changer, if done well.

Could we just implement some of this into the actual battle frontier so it can have some use as well? You'd be able to win a currency like BP for doing well and use said BP to buy stuff like tm's? maybe berries?  The only thing is we'd have to charge a good bit of in game money per attempt unless we gate them vote tokens, but i don't want everything to be locked behind them either.
Suggestions / Re: ZanZero suggestion 3: Magi...
Last post by tenebrae - Mar 18, 2020, 07:51 pm
Quote from: Zanzero on Mar 11, 2020, 02:08 pmLuckily magicspells has a lot of that baked in with options to use items, exp lvls, cooldowns, or "mana" for a casting cost.

I don't know if I agree with having moves be that hard to charge up and use. I think they should become a reliable part of every players toolkit for both PvP and PvE. I think setting cooldowns up so some moves are out of commission for 10+ minutes would be fine if we REALLY want to stop players from spamming it or using it too often.

I think a good idea for a lot of the spells would be having them act as sort of "cantrips" from D&D, where they are weak but reliable parts of a player's kit. I'm thinking like Bug Bite, where it would do 2 damage (1 heart) and heal 2 hunger, but had a 6-second cooldown, meaning you can use it often but not constantly. Or String Shot, which would inflict a target player with Slowness1 for 6 seconds on a 15-second cooldown, and have a cost of 5 string per use. I'd be more than willing to throw together another sheet of 4-6 moves of each type and how I would personally approach designing them if you guys would like.

I recently did one for my own server, converting D&D spells and classes using MagicSpells and although we haven't been able to put it into practice yet, it's looking pretty good at a surface level.

I never thought of item sacrifice to use spells. It just reminded me of Runecraft when we had it, where you would use items for a desired effect. If you wouldn't mind putting together a sheet with some moves, it would be much appreciated.
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